Friday, May 22, 2009

A Ferguson Fishing Adventure

So Friday I took the Ferguson boys fishing. I believe it was their second trip to the Little Red. We could not have asked for better conditions. The Corps gave us a great window of fish water. We covered a lot of water and seemed to be pretty productive wherever we went. At lunch the boys had both caught some nice rainbows. After lunch we continued down river to some new water and found a ton of fish.Tfhere were a few scattered caddis flying around and even a few big white may flies in the air. The fish were really on fire. Will hooked into about an 18 brown. It was definitely the nicest fish of the day. Sam hooked some nice rainbows. We got an early start so we finished our day at 3:30 pm and the boys had caught well over 50 fish. It was tons of fun and great fishing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Beautiful Rainy Saturday

Saturday was a rainy kinda gray day, which sometimes can be awesome for fishing. I took Rachel and Greg who had never fly fished before. To get a head start on the water we put in about 6:30 am. They were naturals. Greg seemed to really get the grasp first and caught about nine fish in an hour. Rachel soon got in the groove and made one hell of a comeback on Greg, bringing about 9 or 10 fish to the boat in the second hour. We had mist and rain all morning but it never dumped. It was a beautiful rainy day. The fog hung low on the water and all the critters seemed to be out. We saw river otters, Deer, and of course the geese and herons were out too. It seemed ever shoal we fished, they continued to whack on fish. Greg caught 3 nice browns and Rachel hooked a few stout rainbows. We fished hard until about two o'clock and probably boated and released over 30 fish. All in all we had fun, they learned something new and it was a fantastic time on the Little Red River.

The Buffalo

Last week I went up to the Buffalo with some good friends of mine Frank and Denise. The Sun was high and so was the water. It was a beautiful day for wet wading. We put in at Buffalo City and ran up a few miles. We all picked up a few smallies and Frank and I even Caught a few trout. That is such a beautiful area. The massive bluffs and blue-green water are awesome. I think one of the highlights for me was a SunDog we saw. It was the first time I have ever seen one. Basically its a rainbow, but its stuck in one cloud. This one was vibrant purple and green. I tried to capture the image on my camera but it wasn't as cool as it was in person.
Going to places like the buffalo make me so glad I live in Arkansas. It was a fun adventure and it seems like the smallies should start to pick up in about another week.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A little bit of Appalachia

So last week I was in South Carolina visiting my girlfriend Allison and my longtime friend Andy. Seeing that We would only be just a few hours from some great Appalachian spring creek fishing I packed my 3 weight and plenty of gear. We fished the Davidson. The trip was way too short to do much fishing but Saturday morning we hit the water after an awesome night of camping. Andy fishes there often and said that the fishing that particular morning was very tough. I agreed. It was a small technical stream but amazingly beautiful. Allison had never fly fished before but after just minutes of instruction she looked like a pro. Our morning was not that great but we caught some nice fish. Allison and I tag teamed this monster brookie. I hooked it and she brought it in. After lunch our adventure was cut short due to Andy's rod breaking and our travel time to get back to South Carolina. It was definitely an awesome trip and I look forward to more quality time on the water with the ones I love.