Friday, December 18, 2009

Flood gates Closed!

If you haven't already heard, the Corps cut off the flood gates yesterday. We are about 5 feet from power pool and they plan on running two units until we get there. It was the first chance I had to go fish and I took it! Jamie and I put in and just started fishing our way down. We caught several nice rainbows right off the bat. We had several really nice browns take swipes on our flies, but we were both having a hard time getting them to stay connected. We ended up only being able to fish for about and hour and a half, but we had a blast. This brown was the last fish I caught. He was fat, mean, and hungry!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Nothing says Love like gift certificates and cool JRFFA Clothes....

Can't figure out what to get the Angler who has it all? I've got your solution. A Full or Half day gift certificate and or some cool Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Clothing! We have a hip new logo and you don't want to be without. We have Capilene style, moisture wicking, Black long sleeve T's. Highly breathable Moisture wicking cotton long sleeve T's. Several different style hats, such as bamboo fiber, trucker style, and OGIO brand. Don't forget the bitter chocolate Hoodies too! Give me a call at 501-691-9285 for questions regarding prices! Happy Holidays! See you on the RIVER!


Not too long ago, I took a good friend of a friend and his three boys fishing. Logan and his son John were in my boat. It was a group trip with Jamie and it was just a beautiful day. We started out having a little casting school and competition before the day got started. John who is 8 years old had never fly fished. The water was high so we had several challenges to face. John made a few casts and caught the first couple of fish and was loving it. After a while the bite slowed down and he said he wanted to change his fly. He wanted to choose it, so I let him pick. A few casts later he said, " I wonder who is going to catch the next fish" and BAM, he starts getting excited. I look over and his 5wt rod is bowed in half. I see this monster 22 inch brown come to the surface! He landed this fish in about 1 minute flat and he ate the fly he picked out! It was awesome. We saw eagles and took a long lunch. The boys and their dad got to bond. It was an awesome experience getting to see this magic take place!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

JRFFA Exploration

Thursday Jamie, Chris and I set out on an exploration of some new trout fisheries. What we found was an amazing wild rainbow fishery about 3 hours away. It is a beautiful walk-wade or drift fishery. The fish are some of the most beautiful rainbows I have caught. All super strong healthy bows. It was below freezing almost the whole time of our trip. We had ice in the guides the entire time. We had a blast taking turns drifting from the canoe and wading shoals. We covered about 5 miles of river in two days. The Lodging was nice and right on a private section of river. It is blue ribbon trout water and a must do for winter fun. It is a free flowing stream, so you don't have to worry about "high water". If you are interested in finding out more about the fishery and want to go, feel free to ask.