Sunday, May 30, 2010

Farnsy and Kim

Friday I took Robert Farnsworth and Kim, a client of Robert's from Nashville. Kim had never fly fished before, so after a brief tutorial we got in the water and started getting after them! Kim picked it up pretty quick and we started bringing some nice fish to the boat. Thursday night was a full moon and mayflies had a major hatch, so considering our conditions, we smoked some good fish! Robert brought this nice little brown to the boat chucking streamers. At the end of the day he broke off on a nice nice fish. We never got a look at it but it had the 5 weight rod bent in half!

The bridges

I forgot to post Last Sunday but I took Lunsford Bridges, his son Todd, and his son-n-law Jeff. We fished for a half of day and the weather was great and so was the fishing! We had good low water and active caddis. All the guys caught lots of fish but Todd seemed to be in the groove and was crushing them one after another!

Nice Rainbow

Thursday I went out for a joy ride with Amy and decided to wet a line in a little spotwhere I can usually can find a fish. The first fish I hooked took off line as if it were a bonefish and it busted off. The second fish I landed was decent, but nothing to get to excited about. The third fish I landed was the fish... It is one of the nicer rainbows I have actually caught myself in a good while...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Fineup's

Today Jamie and I did a group trip. I took Chris,Kevin, and Daddy Fineup. It was the warmest day of the year and it got hot! I mean, not just the weather, the fishing was excellent! The guys had very limited fly fishing experience but they all caught on quickly and got to waylaying on the fish. We caught fish everywhere we went and as the afternoon went on, it just kept getting better. Everybody learned alot and had a good time...

Christy and Taylor

Last Wednesday I took Chrisy and Taylor Williamson out for their first fly fishing adventure. Before we started out, we practiced casting for just a few minutes in the parking lot of the launch ramp. Once we got on the water it was on! We had a beautiful morning and the water was just right. Caddis were in the air which made it even more fun. The fish where dialed in on them... It was a perfect occasion for some mother son bonding!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Let the Good times Roll!

This weekend, my buddy Hays came up to fish with me for a couple of days. We had a good time and caught some nice fish! We had good cloud cover and so we took advantage of it and put in the effort to turn a few big boys. It was a nice break especially for Hays and this 5 pounder he banged on! The last time Hays came up to fish, he was in a bit of a slump so it was a welcome change. He also pulled a few nice 18 inch rainbows out over the weekend too!

Rick and Bruce part Duece

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of taking Rick and Bruce fishing again. We had some decent cloud cover so we decided to get serious on streamers. It started off pretty good and we turned a few fish and managed to catch a few. As the morning progressed, Bruce got really tuned up and ended up landing 4 good browns in the 20 inch range! All together we probably saw over a dozen other nice brownies. It was hard to complain about that!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bruce and Rick

Today I had the pleasure of fishing with Bruce and Rick. We started off our morning with some nice clouds and decided to strip streamers. It started off hot with a nice miss, a nice fished landed and another one on, but it came off...early release. It seemed like it was going to be an all right plan of action. Well, the clouds parted, the sun came out and boom, we lost out bite? We were seriously committed until after lunch, so we decided to put down the big guns and get all nymphy on them! Well I'm sure we made the right choice. We got out the dry fly's and and emerger's and picked on some nice fish. We caught quite a few browns with the nicest one coming in at 19 1/2 inches! It turned out to be a fantastic day on the water with lots of caddis action, some streamer action, and plenty of good times!

Muddy Times

Monday I took Wes and Steve Spiro fishing. When I arrived at Lobo, there was already a heavy down pour in progress. The guys decided maybe they wanted to go have breakfast, if it looked promising afterwards, call me back and then we could go fish...At around 11:30 we suited up and went for gold. The rain ceased, but the water was funked out muddy. We did some casting lessons and got familiar with the rods and boom we were off! The first fish was Wes's and it was this nice brownie. After that we had another rainbow and a few misses before the lightning and thunder ran us off the water.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

a few hightlights of the season

Big John

Yesterday Chris and I took Big John and a few of his boys from Ft. Smith fishing. We had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect and the fishing was good! The bite seemed to come and go, but when it would get hot, it would be on fire! I took John and Bill in the morning and then we all switched for the second half and I had David and Mike in my boat. The afternoon bite was hot and we caught several nice brownies. I think the guys will be back in the fall to try for a few more of the browns. Life is good!

Adventures.... It's in the Name

Monday and Tuesday Jamie and I took a group of guys out for some real adventures. Monday morning the Little Red looked Like chocolate milk so we headed out on a smallie excursion. A few nice smallies where caught and we cooked burgers for lunch with strawberry shortcake for dessert! On Tuesday we only had a half day to fish, so we dug our heels in on the Little Red River it was a fantastic morning of fishing!

The Lee Brothers

Last Saturday Jamie and I took the Lee brothers fishing. The water was nasty colored, but I think it was the biggest caddis hatch of the season. The brown trout were extremely active! Between the two boats we caught over 25 nice brownies. The storms held off and we didn't get showered on but just a few times.. Right before lunch this HOG came out of nowhere! It was an awesome fight on a 5 weight! Despite the muddy water, we could have not asked for a better day on the river!