Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Doc

Last Friday I took Doctor Albright out for the day...The Doc fishes with me a good bit and its always a lot of fun! We had the river to ourselves and it was awesome..I bet Doc boated over 80 fish including two browns over 18 and a pig of a rainbow over 20! All morning fish smashed the surface and just couldn't get enough of his flies! A little rain came in the afternoon but didn't slow us down! What a great day to be on the water!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Get it!

If you weren't on the river this past week, then you should have been. Flows were perfect for drift fishing and so was the weather! Man it was awesome! I took my good buddy David Townsend and his friend Cam fishing...Cam had never done any fly fishing except for the few hours the day before when David taught him how to cast...He showed out and managed to catch some good fish. He even managed to lasso one without a single hook in it! David killed em! He couldn't keep the fish off his line...It was just an awesome morning all the way around!

Chuck Time

Last week the weather got a little bit out of control we had lots of snow for this part of the world..I had Stewart and his friend Charles lined up for a two day adventure but the weather wouldn't allow...However, we did make it out one day and it was awesome...great flows, nice weather and good times...We caught tons of fish in the a.m. and decided to throw streamers in the p.m. It was great! Chuck caught this nice brown after missing several...Stewart just couldn't seem to make them eat,but he did have 3 fish well over 22-23 inches follow his fly all the way to the boat.. but they just wouldn't eat! Still super exciting stuff though!

From Idaho

So I guess I haven't been on track as far as keeping you all in the loop with some fish pictures...I could give you a bunch of excuses, but that would just be a waste of time...This is my buddy Brent...He lives in Boise, Idaho. One of his favorites rivers in all of the U.S. is this Little Red River! He came down here in search of some big browns and got some! I had alot going on and could only bang out a few hours with him, but he did manage to pick off this awesome Rainbow while fishing with me!