Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Straight Stud

Over spring break I got to go fishing with some of my closest friends. We went up to the White and fished for a about a day and a half. It was awesome. We ate good food, caught some nice fish, laughed some good laughs, and just loved life. Jack is their Son. He is 11 yrs old and throws a loop as tight as most adults I know! This is a photo of a solid brown he hooked up on about 4 gens of water on the White! What a little stud, right?

Bruce and William

Bruce and William fished with me last week. We decided to put in on the lower river for a day of fishing. Even though it was pretty stained, the guys probably caught more fish than any other boat. At about 11 a.m. I decided to pull the plug and go look for clean water. Not only did we find clean water we found better fish! The boys probably had 7 fish over 16 inches hooked up and a couple around 20 inches! We lost some good ones,landed some good ones and that's just what fishing is all about! It turned out to be a stellar day on the water and a lot of fun!

Another day in Paradise

Last week, I took my good buddy Ed Drilling out for a day of fishing. We mixed it up a bit...we fished from the boat, we did some wading, we all around crushed it! We caught a lot of fish. We had to work hard for all of them though and that's OK..I don't mind it when the fish act that way, it keeps things interesting! We fished a lot of new water and Ed tried a few new techniques, manipulating flies in new ways. I think that was pretty cool stuff. It's always rewarding to me to teach an already good angler new tricks!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Team Green

Thursday I took David Green and his two sons, Chris and Johnny. I had fished David last fall and we smoked some nice fish. It was my first time guiding the two sons. Right out of the gate Chris hooked this solid brown. About two casts later, he hooked this one! They were the only two browns we saw, but we did get to see lots more rainbows! After lunch, we got some friendly family competition going and had a blast! The temps got up in the high 70's and it was just an awesome day to be on the water!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jimmy and Colton

Yesterday I fished Jimmy and Colton from Texas. Neither of them had ever done any fly fishing before so that was exciting. We spent some time in the grass learning how to cast then headed to the water...The water was dingy but we dug our heels in and managed to get some trout to the boat. After lunch we decided to move up to the dam to find some clean water..We caught some nice trout in the deep water and had a great afternoon! Today I took Colton to dry run creek! Pics to come soon!

A Maiden Voyage

Sunday I fished the Little Red with Will and his folks, John and Marcy. We had falling pressure and a pretty tough bite but we managed to hammer some fish at pretty much every stop we made. We tried to mix the day up a bit and catch some fish wading, as well as from the boat...John certainly took home the cup for the day and busted heads with this nice brownie. Marcy and Will managed to hold their own as well and caught some very good fish! It was certainly fun fishing with the whole family and watching Will pick up on some of the tricks he had learned the day before!

Will Man!

Saturday I got the opportunity to go to one of my favorite places on earth to fish...Dry Run Creek! I took Will Maiden out for a little fun. I've fished with will before in the past on the Little Red and knew he was a perfect candidate for this magical place. He crushed it. Will probably caught 50 or so fish! Five of them were probably over 18 inches and 15 or so were caught on dry's. He was truly spoiled! It was awesome. This is one of the beasts he caught all by himself on a 4wt!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday I took out my good buddy Robert. We had everything stacked against us... a muddy river, 20 mph winds, cold, falling pressure, and extremely low water. You name it, we had it...It didn't stop us though! The only clean water was way up river so we headed that direction. It was a little stained but we dug our heels in and busted heads. Farnworth put the hurt on them and probably touched 30 fish before lunch and probably let 30 go. After lunch decided to boat up and drift a little. The wind was awful and the bite wasn't nearly as good. Robert landed at least six fish between 16-19 inches. He had a few nicer than this one, but I couldnt hardly take my hands off the oars for pics or we would have blown into the bank. It was awesome just to be out on the water and see some solid fish! Spring is creeping up on us and I'm fired up about it!