Friday, April 29, 2011


So today I was part of a huge 5 boat group trip. Marshal and Michael fished in my boat. We decided to go dig our heels into the higher, more off color water and fish for some pigs. The sun was bright and the sky was blue. We ended up turning more than a handful of really nice browns. Weeven had some awesome takes, but we just couldn't seem to get one to the boat. In fact, we had two fish eat that were well over 23 or 24 inches! On one of the last runs of the day, Marshal did land this fat and sassy rainbow! All in all the action was good today and it was another awesome morning on the Little Red River.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Steve's Post Storm Rainbow!

So the storms have passed and the sun was out today. I guided Steve and Jay on a morning adventure and man was it nice to be on the river. We found a patch of good clean water on river and fished it hard. We had to work hard for our fish, but man was it worth it. Steve landed this nice rainbow towards the end of the morning and it made the day! It's looking like we are gunna get another squirt of water this afternoon and should have blue skies and cleaner water for the weekend!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hog Heaven

So conditions were perfect for todays trip. Higher water, low light and drizzling rain. I had my boy's John and Ben and they wanted to pursue some big fish...So we did, with great success! It was one of those days where everything just lined up perfectly. I bet we saw 15 fish over 20 inches today! Sure, we didn't land them all but we got our hands on a few of them! If your wanting to pursue some bigger fish, now is the time to do it! Get at me while the action is on fire!

Greg and Will part II

Yesterday I fished with Greg and Will again. It was a weird day water wise. We started off the morning with nice low water catching fish on midges but before long were fishing bottom bouncer rigs. The bite would come and go, but we dug our heels in and caught some nice fish! Here's a pic of the first double of the day!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Will and Greg

Today I got to fish Will and Greg. It's always fun fishing with people you have taught to love the sport. The boys have fished with me several times now and its just cool to watch them progress. The past few times we've fished its been dead low water, so the longer leaders and split shot rigs today were a bit different. They caught on very quick and hooked quite a few fish. It was good times had by all!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Alessandro and Cristian

Today I got to do one of my favorite trips. Dry Run Creek. I took two kids who had never done any fly fishing. It was a great experience for these two Florida boys. They learned to roll cast and hit the water. We caught loads of fish some of which were super nice. The weather turned out to be awesome and sunny. To top it all of we had some fried chicken for lunch. You just cant ask for a much better day!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Fun

Yesterday I got to enjoy the day with my wife...We went to church, had some BBQ, caught some fish and just enjoyed spring! The river was running a little high and muddy, but that didn't stop us from getting out to enjoy our little paradise. The bite was good. In fact, it surprised me how good it was due to the conditions...we cherry picked our way down through a few sweet spots and caught fish at them all. Amy brought this nice brown to the boat! Certainly the high point of the day!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Boy Ben!

Today I spent the morning down river goofing off catching some fish and soaking up the sun. This afternoon my boy Ben called me and wanted to know where I was fishing. We met up to rip a few lips together. We stumbled upon this big rainbow...Kinda funny ...I guided Ben into another rainbow of this caliber back this past winter in almost the same place...Anyways, I handed Ben my rig and told him to have at it! He crushed it on the third cast! I've got Ben on the books for next weekend so it looks like the bar has been set pretty high huh?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Nothing like a fatty Rainbow!

Talk about a great day on the river!...The Sun was shining, 75 degree temps, good fishing, and about a 1/2 generator of water...really doesn't get too much better! I took Gary and Rich fishing today and they smoked them. We only saw one other boat all day. It was awesome to have the river all to ourselves! Last time I took these guys, Rich caught the big fish. It just so happened to work out this time that Gary caught this fatty Rainbow! It was certainly the day maker! Another great day of fun on the LRR!

White Bass....

It's officially time folks! The White Bass are running hot and strong. This sweet action won't last long, so if you are wanting to spend the day getting your rod bent and catching bass after bass, you better act fast! Get with me and we can get something dialed in!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Although I haven't been blogging the the past couple of days, fishing has remained stellar! Lots of action on drys and the trend continued. I took my main man Peeps out for a while. We caught some nice rainbows on nymphs and emergers, chased around some big browns slurping caddis, and then decided to put the meat stick on them! We turned 4 really nice browns over 20 inches in dead Low water! We managed to land this nice brown and this nice rainbow! Life is good on the Little Red River!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Stellar day on the Little Red

Today I fished Dr. Albright and it was one of those day that was just magical...We caught fish on everything from midges, emergers, and drys. We started off the morning with a sweet brown on a midge, then we lost another brown that was about 26 inches at the boat! As the day went on, it just kept getting better. The second half of the day we smashed all sorts of fish on the surface including some more nice browns and gobs of rainbows. It was awesome weather, awesome water and just an awesome time!