Saturday, May 28, 2011

High water fun!

Today I fished with Larry and Peter from Louisiana, it was my first time to fish with the boys and they did great. we decided at the ramp we only wanted to pull meat today so we didn't even touch a nymph rig. The boys had never used streamer techniques like I use and adapted quick. Our Morning was stellar, good high clean water and major clouds. We landed several nice 17 inch fish and even a this nice lunker!

Bo and Bill

Tuesday and Wednesday I fished with Bo and Bill Welden of Alabama. It was my first time to fish with the boys and we had a great time. We took some nice fish on streamers as well as some good ones nymphing. The Corps has been bouncing our water around alot and it makes for a challenge but the boys dug their heels in and did great. We covered alot of the river and had alot of fun!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Doc!

Saturday I fished with my good buddy Dr. Albright. After the torrential storms we had on Friday, I wasn't sure we would have any fishable water, but the dam was clear. Our morning was stellar. We probably boated 50 fish and half of them or more in the slot. The rainbow fishing was fantastic! As the day went on the crowds grew and the pressure put the fish down, but we still managed to bust a few heads and just soak up the super nice weather!

Steve White

This past Friday I fished Steve for the first time. We had some pretty serious water humping through the river but managed to get into some nice fish...Lots of rainbows in the slot ranging from 16-18 inches. Around noon, our bite slowed down a bit so we went to look for a pig. We only had time for a few drifts and Steve hooked into two fish well over 5 pounds! Both of them screamed his reel and busted off! Afterwards, the storms rolled in and pushed us off the river. Even though we didn't land the monster, it was still a great day on the river!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Larry's Big Browns!

Yesterday I was part of a group trip with Jamie. Jamie took Herman and Telly and I took Larry. Larry was interested in chasing after some big browns. It was his first time throwing streamers and he did a fantastic job! We turned some awesome fish as well as landing four fish over 20 inches! He stuck with it all day and was rewarded greatly!

Travis and Robert!

On Tuesday I got to fish with Travis and Robert. They wanted to catch some quality fish, as well as numbers, so we split our day up fishing different locations in the morning and afternoon. The morning was a little more technical but they both managed to catch some thumper rainbows! After lunch we hit our goal on the numbers game and wore them out! It was another day in paradise that's for sure!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Landen Paul's First Fly Fishing!

Today I got to fish with young Landen Paul at my favorite places on this earth,Dry Run Creek! Landen is 10 years old and it was his first time to ever hold a fly rod. He did awesome! He was a quick learner and caught some awesome fish. During the day we caught fish on a variety of nymphs, midges, and even a few fish on dry fly's! We had some monsters on at times with several fish over 20 inches and a rainbow that was probably 5 pounds! Unfortunately, we didn't land them all but we had a whole lot of fun trying! If you have a kid and you haven't been to Dry Run Creek, your child is missing out! Its full of magic!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

a Stellar day one unit fishing!

So over the weekend its been a steady one generator running at Greers Ferry. Next week its supposed to go back to only 8-10 hours of generation, Although even with that kind of water,the bite has been great! The past two days I have fished with a good client of mine, John Maiden along with his Dad and Son, Wiley and Will. They killed it! We caught some awesome fish in some pretty windy, weird conditions today! Here are just a few pictures of some of the slabs we boated!

Friday, May 13, 2011

High water fishing!

Yesterday morning I took out an extremely cool couple, Matt and Stephanie. Matt spends most of his time in the salt water but still has a strong love for trout. We started out nymphing and busted a few heads. Matt started eyeballing the streamer rods so we pulled some big fly's, searching for some big fish. We caught some cookie cutter's and we caught a nice little Brook trout on a big fly. We turned some nice browns and even had a nice one on but we he took a big leap and jumped off! Towards the middle of the morning we caught this nice fatty rainbow and it made it all worth the work!

John and Bill

Yesterday I took John and Bill out for a fly fishing adventure. Fishing was hot! I bet we caught over a 100 fish! We had perfect water for drifting and wonderful weather. It was just one of those magical days on the water when you can't keep the fish off the end of the line. After an awesome friend chicken lunch, John decided to break out his 0 weight rod and busted 12-14 inch trout on it! It was a blast. Man, I love the Little Red River!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

So this morning I had the pleasure of taking my Mom and long time family friend Laura, out for a morning of fishing. The thunderstorms tried to keep us from getting a bent rod, but they pushed on through. The water was stained and cloudy but the fish sure didn't seem to care. It was nuts on the Little Red this morning! The girls were catching trout left and right, with several doubles before 10 am. By noon when we decided to call it a day we had probably had boated 60 or more fish! I don't get to fish with my Mom all that much because she usually only makes it up on the weekends when I'm booked but it sure was nice to see her banging trout and smiling all morning. Happy Mothers Day MOM and LAURA!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Break In the Storms!

So this morning my buddy David and I got to hit the river for a few minutes in between thunderstorms. We had the river to ourselves. It was a bit off color, but it was really serene! We both caught a few fish and then the thunder started to roll in. I switched my rig to make one cast through a mud line and BAM, this toad of a brown was on the end of my line! It was an awesome way to start off my day! Got to love that big tug!