Friday, October 28, 2011

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Better Fish than the Yakima

Last week, I got the chance to fish with a couple of guys from Washington. These guys fish the Yakima pretty often and about half way through the morning, declared that our fish here on the Little Red " where better fish than they had on the Yakima" They were awesome anglers and a blast to fish with. We had pefect water for wading and blistered the fish. The guys caught tons of fiesty rainbows and Mike pulled this nice brown out from under a log swinging soft hackles

in the afternoon!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rainy Day Special

Over the past couple of days I got to fish with my partner Hays. Hays and I have caught Loads of nice fish together and chased tails all over the place. We love the rush of all fish but our favorite is the brown trout. We have not gotten to fish as much as we once did, so our game was a little off. We did manage to catch a few nice fish, and turned gobs of monster fish. Hays worked hard for this fish and nothing made me happier than to be the net guy!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Down Town Brown

Today I fished my man Will Maiden. Him and his Pops have become some awesome clients and friends. John wanted today to be all about his boy so we treated him to something special. DRY RUN CREEK. Will crushed them. He caught well over 60 fish today and probably 15 or 20 of them over 18 inches. Our ticket to success tight line, high sticking! He had several on over ten pounds!! It was nutts. It didnt hurt his ego (or mine) that we were really the only ones constantly hooked up! They brought me this awesome new net made by a mom and pop in colorado called a "stevens" and today we broke it in good. Here are just a few of the amazing trout Will brought in today! Oh yeah by the way he's only 10!

Tom Scott

I got to spend the last day and a half with a great man named Tom Scott. Tom fished with me earlier in the summer for a couple of days for the first time. We fished all sorts of styles and caught some nice fish. We chucked streamers, swung soft hackles, midged and just did some good ole sow buggin. Yesterday afternoon the fish were a little more challening than the day before but thats ok, We still caught some nice trout, enjoyed some awesome weather and solved some of the worlds problems. Here is a photo of a nice brownie Tom caught!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Guide Shack Chronicles

Hey Yall, we are now posting some cool stuff from the whole Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing adventures Team. Go to and click on the guide shack Tab at the top!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Talk of the Town

So as of late it seems all I have heard about is the new Sage "One" fly rod. I have heard reviews that it is such an amazing casting machine that it will melt your face off, That this rod is the most accurate, sensitive rod ever built. I must admit Ive been dying to cast the "one". Well today I got the chance to fish with one of these rods for a while, Dont get me wrong its a super slick rod that tracks very well. Its not much of a looker but does the job very well, but...I hate to tell you folks side by side fishing the 9 foot 4wt Helios, next to the "One" I would have to say The Helios is a much smoother, sexier, sleeker, all around better casting machine. So dont let all the new hype and ads fool you folks. If you want to get down on a new rod, I would choose the Helios any day of the week.

JP and Ted

Yesterday my man Tony and I worked a group trip for a good client of mine. I fished Ted and JP. The guys all pooled their money up for the biggest fish, most fish. All of them pretty much had very little if no fly fishing experience. They caught on great and were catching fish in no time! The competition in my boat got heated up quick and by lunch they were only a fish or two away from each other. JP ended up with the largest fish at 16 1/4 inches Ted with the most at 31 fish for the day! It was just an awesome day to be on the Little Red River!