Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More fun on Dry Run

Sunday I took a young man named Will up to Dry Run Creek for his first ever fly fishing trip. The fishing was great. Will picked up some new advanced techniques pretty quick and was high sticking his way up the creek before we knew it. We landed several nice fish on dry's, midges, and soft hackles. Here are a couple of the trophy's from the day! ( Sorry Will, your dad cut your head off on this photo!)

Multi species type of day

Last Saturday we had the whole JRFFA crew out for a group trip. We took them out for a little trout fishing in the a.m. and a little adventure on the lake for the afternoon. I guided Mason and Jared. Trout fishing was great. We landed loads of Rainbows and Jared landed this nice little brown. The lake was high and slightly off colored but we didn't let it slow us down. Both guys landed quite a few nice white bass. Jared caught a large mouth and a walleye. They even let me catch a nice small mouth!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OH Henry!

The past couple of days I got to fish with my main man Henry. We knew on the front end that we wanted to fish either the White or the Norfork one day but wanted to fish the Red one day as well. The water was super high on the Red so we decided to go white bass fishing. The creek I fish is amazingly beautiful and super wild. The fishing was not great...We managed to scrape out a few males, which I think was better than anyonce else out there did! It was a strange day for sure...Yesterday we fished the Norfork since Henry had never fished it before. It was fantastic!  We landed loads of brilliantly colored Rainbows and a few nice Cutties. Of course you guys know the story..." The big one got away". It was a great two days of hanging out with my friend Henry, solving the worlds problems, and catching some trout!


Saturday I had the chance to fish with Brad. Brad contacted me several months ago to set up the trip. He had ordered a rod, began to practice on local ponds, and was super excited about the trip. Last week we got punished with a rain storm so I had to change our plans. We loaded the boat up and headed NW to the White River. It was a fairly windy day and several generators were running. We got Brad's cast fine tuned and a few kinks worked out and he was catching fish in no time! We worked hard for every fish we got but we had a great time doing it! Later in the afternoon they ended up cranking the water up even more, so I put a streamer rod in Brads hand and we turned a few browns and landed a nice rainbow! It's always awesome to fish with people who truly have the burning desire to learn about my passion!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Norfork Action

With the BIG water running on the Little Red I have been trying to come up with some other fun options for fooling fish. Ryan and Steve came up from Texas and wanted to catch some trout. I decided to haul the fellows up to Norfok for the day. Water was running and we certainly had to work for our fish. We ended up landing 50 or 60 fish, which we were all happy with. The wind was blowing 30mph and was blowing the boat up river in two units of water! Our mix of fish... several solid browns and cutthroats along with bunches of healthy colored up bows!

Small Dude and Monster Trout!

On Monday I got to take out Will Maiden. John and Will fish with me often and are both great anglers. The rain's we got over the weekend put the Little Red in the dumper, so on Monday we decided to take young Will up to Dry Run Creek. Will did great! He worked lots of magic. He probably landed 70 fish and several super nice fish! I'm Super proud of my little buddy. Will has been fishing with me for a couple of years now and is just 11. Tuesday, the Little Red was still in poor shape but we decided to fish it anyway. It was hard. It was flowing over 7,400 cfs. We did manage to scrape out a few fish and got a few tugs but we had to work super hard for them.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jedi Jack

As most of you know Dry Run Creek is a very special place to me. Tuesday I got the chance to go up to the creek with my good friend Frank and his son Jack. Jack was born into the sport. "His mom was rowing drift a boat guiding while he was still in the womb" Frank says. Jack is twelve years old and can cast a tight loop and understands how to create the perfect dead drift better than most grown men. We got lucky and had the creek all to ourselves. The fish had no pressure and with a perfect presentation would eat every time. Maybe the first fish out of the gate was a 20 inch brown, followed by tons of smaller cut's and bow's. After lunch we picked out a couple of big boys to target. These fish came back to back...I am still high off of the rush of netting these two beautiful fish...Well played Jack. Well played.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Johhny and Johanna

On Monday I got the chance to fish with some folks I hadn't had the chance to fish with before. They have been loyal patrons of JRFFA and have fished with Jamie and Tony before. We had a fairly low water window to chase and managed to stay in front of the new push for quite some time. The bite was pretty red hot and they both beat up on the fish. We ate a late lunch and by the time we finished the water had caught us. We decided to jump up to the dam and fish the falling water. The wind became unbearable and the fish basically just laughed at us while the 30mph winds blew us too the banks! At least we had a stellar morning!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hello Spring!

Yesterday I fished with two great clients Eddie and Allen. It was a beautiful spring day. The bite was great. The Morning started off with a bang. Fish were crushing nymphs and smiles were had by all. Allen landed this super fun red horse sucker which was a blast! We switched up the techniques and threw some streamers. The sun made it tough but we had some good whacks and landed one brown. The water eventually caught us and out bite shut down around 3:30, I guess that is just how the tail water goes sometimes. At the end of the day, it was just another day in Paradise!

Dale and Drew

Saturday I got the chance to spend the day with Dale and Drew. It was the guys first time out fly fishing but they came eager to learn. Both of them picked it up super quick and did fantastic job. The water was bouncing all over the place so they were stuck chuck and duck fishing long leaders and heavy split shot. We ended up fishing  out of a couple of different ramps and did pretty well at both. The wind was gusting at 35mph so that made things interesting but the guys still stayed buckled in and hung on for the ride!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fishing with the Fam!

Last week I got the chance to take my cousin's out for a little fly fishing. Mary-Austin and Terrinell. We always have such a great time fishing together. The girls typically laugh the entire time and its a good chance they will sing mo-town hits throughout the course of the day. The fishing was pretty awesome and the weather was amazing too! Its always nice to get a chance to share my life with my family!