Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ole Ray!

The past two days Tony and I guided a group of guys on some morning fly fishing trips. We have been getting started early to beat the heat and the fishing has been great. Once the sun gets up high the bite has been slowing down but until mid day its on fire...I bet this morning we had landed close to 45 fish by 9:00am. I have not been out in the afternoon in the past few days but the midge bite, right before dark has also been off the hook! Ray caught this fish that taped at 21 1/2 inches on a hare's ear variation. Hoppers should start picking off some fish with more consistency as the summer goes on!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Brad's fine fish!

Not to long ago I got to take out my buddy Brad for some fishing...You may remember the post...anyways we had a killer day and had tons of fun fishing all sorts of techniques. Brad landed this fish swinging soft hackles off of a drop off. He also took this picture of one of the fish from that day...I just had to post a shot of it because the photography was so sweet!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Noble Gulledge

Last week I got the chance to fish with some great people. Noble Gulledge and his grandson joined me for the three days trout fishing on the Little Red. We tried to cover and see several different parts of the river and catch fish on different techniques. The guys did great. Noble works for Orvis in Texas and his grandson fished mostly for bass on the fly on his Texas home waters. The guys caught tons of fish. We saw some deer, and eagle. A few nice browns and of course broke off some thumpers but at least there is always next time!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Last weekend I got the chance to guide my good friends Mike and Suzie Bowen. Mike and Suzie have fished with me all up and down the river and seen high and low water. Last week the river was extremely low and we decided to go fish a stretch that we hadn't fished together...As usual Suzie put the funk on the fish! Mike got him a few and does what he does best...enjoys life! Its always a pleasure to fish with these two..

Jake and Jordan

So I'm a little behind on posts but I just wanted to give ya'll an update and let you know the fishing is good. We are currently not getting a lot of generation and the fish can be picky. With a stealthy approach there are plenty of fish to be caught! This was two brothers I guided last week Jake and Jordan. The guys lit them up fishing soft hackles. Dead drifting them was the ticket with a nice swing at the end!