Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jim's first fly fishing experience!

The past couple of Days Jamie and I worked a group trip with a good client of the company Barry. Barry brought along his wife and two other gentlemen, Billy and Jim. We mixed up the trips and did some wade fishing and boat fishing. Yesterday our numbers were not as high as the day before but we caught loads of great rainbows in the 15-17 inch range.

They are still up!

Hybrids are still up on the surface and the bite can be pretty sweet if you get in on the action at just the right time. I have not had the chance to chase them a lot recently but did manage to nab this one last week. As the fall progresses the bite should only get better and better. If you want to try something a little different this fall the tug from even a small one like this is amazing!

streamer eater

I have no been posting to much lately and I apologize for that. Life has been super busy. Been doing lots of guiding and some fishing when I can! Last week Herb and I ran up to the Norfork one day. They ran water all day. It was killer fish water. We caught tons of fish nymphing and on streamers. No monsters but plenty of fish in the 16-17 inch range! This was one of the smaller more aggressive browns. Herb took the fish of the day being about a 20 inch bow but we didnt grab a photo.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Herb's Hoggin

Jamie invited my friend Ryan Herbert "herb" down to work with us the fall. Herb and I guided together in Alaska back in 06'. Hes down in the dirty south and already puttin folks on Hogs. This fall Our crew is looking good. So If you have not already booked your trip with us make sure and give kati a call of 501 691 2252 and she will get you locked in loaded. Herb put Doc Adams on this fish last week!

good people great times

Last weekend Tony and I worked a group trip. We guided some friends of mine from back in high school. The water was just about perfect so we did some drift fishing in the morning and it was awesome. Chris and Melissa boated 50 fish before lunch. After lunch we got out and did some wade fishing. It was great catching up with Craig and Melissa and meeting some new people and sharing my love for fly fishing with them!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bill and Robert

Monday I got the chance to fish with Robert and Bill. It was my first time fishing with these guys. I had been watching the water schedule thinking that it could be a fun day on the Norfork if the water schedule stayed true. We called it was on so we made the drive. It ended up to be worth the drive. We landed 60 fish almost all of them were around 16-20 inches with a couple over...Here are just a few photos from the day!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

And the fun continues!

Today I guided my man Henry's grandson. Marshal is 13 years old and had a pretty amazing first time fly fishing experience today. We fished Dry Run Creek. He landed some amazing fish. We hooked several fish that we didnt land that would have gone 10 lbs. I am telling you the boy is ruined for life. check out a few from the highlight reel...

who loves fall?

Two days ago I took my man Dr. Usdan's nephew out for his first real fly fishing experience. Doc had taken him to some warm water ponds but this was his first time targeting trout. The day was awesome. It was jammed full of great fish, epic battles and lots of smiles. These are just a few of the amazing fish we landed yesterday.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Lake Lovin'

Yesterday afternoon the weather just seemed perfect for some hybrid bass action on the lake. So I called my buddy Chris and we mounted up. The schools were spotty but there was fish to be caught on the surface! We made the milk run and finally found a few busting. We were able to stay on the front edge of the school and nabbed a few really solid fish...This was probably one of the nicest ones we saw!

Steve Strikes again

Last week on short notice Steve and Tobe grabbed a quick day of fishing in. We started off throwing hoppers but were only able to get a few grabs. However this nice little brown did fall for a tan fat albert. We decided to then switch to nymphs and the bite was pretty great. We caught fish all day long including a couple of super chunky football rainbows. This one happened to fall prey for a micro caddis emerger!