Saturday, March 23, 2013

Nate Strikes again

Yesterday I guided Nate and Rick. We decided to drop the drift boat in and do a float. The skies were perfect for throwing streamers. The COE was jacking with the water a bit which threw the fish of their game but we persevered and stuck to it. We had some great eats, great chases and some quality fish landed. Here are a couple of the fish the boys brought to the boat!


So I am a little bit behind on blogging this past week. Its been a busy week here in Arkansas. Spring break has hit us and we have been busy. The weather no longer feels like spring but the fishing is still solid. We have had some great water flows as well as some nice cloudy days for fishing streamers. I took my buddy Norm out last week for a little half day streamer trip. It was cold and rainy we moved some incredible fish with a few solid eats. We did land some angry quality fish that may not have been monsters but gave us a good tug!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Predator

As some of you may know there is a new drift boat on the market and its made right here in Arkansas. The skiff has been in the works for over a year now and some of you may have even been in my prototype boat. Well I would like to introduce to you the true first edition Predator skiff. Its a sweet boat that tracks amazing, floats shallow, is super comfy to fish from and is a stealthy machine. The boat is killer for sneaking up on rising fish, stalking big browns, or just a great float down any river....We are starting to offer some super cool drift boat trips that I think a lot of you guys and gals will go crazy for! for more information on how you can get yours give me a call or look them up at The predator web site

More amazing bows! ( a photo essay)

The Little Red has been fishing very well the past few weeks. The water is back on a more "normal" schedule if there is such a thing. Last week The whole Rouse Crew ran a group trip for our good client Marshal Saviers. We laid the smack down on some thumper bows and even plucked a few solid browns! We only have a few spring dates left with caddis season creeping up on us they are going fast!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Torpedo Rainbows!

Yesterday Was one of those days that just everything seems to fall right into place. I guided Sharon and Ray Hyde for the first time and they are just awesome people. We had a few challenges with the high water but they got the rig figured out pretty quickly and just absolutely crushed it. We caught gobs of super nice torpedo rainbows that were just straight up screamers. The Little Red is closing three flood gates today at noon to have only 3 open. That will be about as perfect of a flow as you can get. Spring dates are filling up quickly so do not miss the chance to fish this spring because its looking like its going to be on fire!

The Lan"casters"

Two days ago Tony and I ran a group trip with the Lancaster family. I took Jeffrey and Beaden. It was a pretty awesome day to do a long float so we jumped on it and covered a ton of water. It was Beaden's first time to fish and Jeffrey had fished with us before. It was a chilly day but the cold didn't stop these boys from laying the smack down on them! Beaden Hooked this brown right out of the gate!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BRO....In Law

yesterday Tony and I ran a group trip. We took out my brother in law Lewis and a few of his pals. It was pretty much a magical day. It was a crazy weird water schedule. A generator went off line at 8 am, and then the flood gates came on shortly after. Brown trout were on the move. We didn't see any monsters but just deep water nymph fishing was bringing out gobs of healthy beautiful fish. I imagine by the time the day was over the boys had caught around 90 fish and probably 30 or 35 browns. Certainly not the results I was expecting for the crazy change in water flow!

King Elvis...

Last week, I got the chance to go float with my buddy Dominic. We took his boat out for a drift...ripped streamers and caught some nice monsters but probably a dozen decent browns and a few good bows...For whatever reason I didn't get the camera out but once..and it wasn't for a was while I was stuffing my face with nutter butters and king Elvis was giving me the most amazing sad puppy state asking to share my treats...just had to post this one up!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fish Report

With spring starting to creep up on us the fishing is getting good..Greers ferry's floodgates are closed...Caddis are popping on all three of our major fisheries and the fish are keyed in on pupa. March Browns are starting to hum around the lower Little Red. Flows on the white and the fork are alternating between days...I have been taking the drift boat up north a lot recently and really enjoying some awesome floats...My spring dates are getting thin. I still have a few good ones left though...If you are wanting to get into some amazing dry fly fishing or chances to feed a brown a big streamer. If you have fished the white bass run with me before you also know that it is a freaking blast, they should be showing up anytime now! I would not let the next two months slip by you!

Monday, March 4, 2013


We are back to business as usual at Greer's Ferry. The flood gates were closed this morning and Only one generator is currently working...So water should be amazing and the fish should be extremely happy. Temps are jumping up all week. Suppose to be a wonderful weekend. Caddis and brown drakes should be popping. Come on over and see us!

A few days Off

The past two days I have been off and got to hang out with my buddy's Hays and Kristopher. We went out goofing around trying to get a few tugs. Its been cold and snow flurries have been falling but we sure had some fun. We caught tons more awesome fish than these few pics but they were coming way to frequently to get the camera out. Fishing in Arkansas is really about to get hog wild..I still have a few good March and April dates open...get them while they are hot!

Spring is near!

As most of you know the river has been rolling...We are now at 462.99 and dropping fast...The fishing is still good, but is about to get better on the red. With the next warm spell coming this week I am predicting caddis and March browns in the near future! This brown fell for a caddis emerger over a week ago!