Friday, August 9, 2013

Guy and Rich laying it down

Monday I got the chance to guide Guy and Rich. These guys are awesome. We had some fairly decent streamer weather, we could have used a bit more water but the clouds where nice so we decided to give it a go. These are the results we came up with!

dont stop now...

Well since I am on a roll I figured I would go ahead and slap up a few more posts while I can. Just a few more photos from our Colorado trip. Next year we plan on doing a few different options starting in June. Its going to be even more amazing than last year so you will NOT want to miss it! I took gobs of photos and this certainly is not all of them. I will probably post some more from time to time but this will probably be it for a while! I hope you enjoyed them!

Views from the West!

Couple more awesome photos to stimulate your wanderlust this morning! These fish were all taken eating dry fly rigs floating down the colorado river from Two bridges to catamount! its one of my favorite floats we did while out west!~


Guys and gals it looks like I am almost caught up on some blogs. Here are just a few more pics from our epic western adventure. We are hoping to add several weeks to the trip next  year so hopefully we will have some more of you with us! I will be posting details soon!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Art's Thumper Rainbow

Yesterday I took Art out for the day. We started off on the lower river but the bite was tuff. We did manage to hook this awesome rainbow. We then made the switch to a spot a little further up the river and waited for new water to hit us and we smacked some thumper fish. At the end of the day we pieced together a pretty awesome day of trout fishing!

Another addiction started

A few days ago my man Henry brought his grandson up to fish with me. It was Wesley's first time to go fly fishing. I am certain we have started another young man into the life of a fly addict. We spend the day up at Dry Run. We had the place to ourselves and absolutely had a ball!

Brad's Big Smallie

Its been a week or so but Jamie and I took my man Brad and his family out on a drift boat trip down the lower white. We fed some fish hoppers. some streamers. some nymphs. None of them ate easily. It was one of those days we had to work for every fish we got. This fish was the highlight of the day being it was Brad's first smallie!

Father Son bonding!

Nothing Like a little father son bonding. You are know I am a sucker for a father son trip, the only thing better could be a father and sons trip! I took this photo last week of some clients of mine and just had to share!