Friday, September 27, 2013

Doctor, Doctor!

The fishing in Arkansas has been good. It was a pretty great summer. No droughts or fish kills, not to hot. It was all right. Its starting to come to a close and fall is creeping in. Hybrids are starting to think about doing there thing on the lake and browns will be moving in full force soon. Last Monday and Tuesday I slipped up to the Norfork with my man Dr. Usdan. I have more pics to come but these are just a few of the trout Dr. caught. I am holding a few of them but he is the one who caught them!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roger Cole

Labor day is always filled with Coles...Lots of them. My man Roger always gets me for the weekend, its become a serious tradition. Roger invites up his whole crew, they cook lots and lots of food and we catch fish. This year saturday was incredible. We crushed fish all day long. Nothing big but plenty of them. Sunday was good but we certainly had to work a little harder for them. Roger was rewarded with   thumper of a brown!

Buddy and Pam!

So the summer is starting to wind down and I have been pretty dang forgive me for not blogging. The river has been fishing well and we have been catching plenty of fish! The water flow has been rather nice when some nicer squirts of water in the evenings. Here are a few photos of some of my good clients Buddy and Pam with a few nice fish they caught!