Thursday, January 2, 2014

Nate does it again

Last week I got the chance to fish with my man Nate. water was running two gens and we were the only people on the water. We fished for a half of a day and absolutely spanked them. Nate caught several nice fish and then gobs of fish in the 15-17 inch range. like almost ever cast. Here are a few of the better ones from our frigid fishing day!

Cliff and Crew...

My buddy Cliff and His crew joined us again this year for a couple of days of fly fishing. We spent one day up on the nor fork in drift boats and then the next day we did kind of a covert operation on the Little Red. Sort of a walk wade deal that involved some sneaky drift boat use! Anyways it turned out to be a pretty sweet day. Cold and " wintery mixish" but we made it happen. Here are a few photos from the trip!

The Farns

As I'm sure anyone of you who has read my blog for a while knows this guy  "The Farns".  Robert aka the farns comes to fish with us every year. He has become a good friend and client over the years. He usually comes for a week or so at a time a couple of times a year. This year it was bitter cold and we go knocked out of a few days of fishing due to in climate weather. I did manage to snap this pic one day before the ice storm rolled in with Robert and a great brown.

Where did the year go?

The rest of 2013 was a great year on the Little Red. I got super busy and neglected the blog and apologize to you readers for that. I am going to try and do a little catching up. Ill start off with a few cool pics from Mid december. A couple of cool fish I caught with our good client Gene and then of course one big papa caught when were were showing the boys how to get the job done!