Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nate brings back the voodoo

Today I fished with a great client of mine. Nate. You guys see pics of him all the time on the blog, in fact one of my last posts was with Nate back in Jan. We'll He did it again. Decided this morning we would go get in the fresh generation and throw around some streamers. It was a great 1/2 day of fishing.  Nate landed a nice rainbow and then a big handful of solid browns!

Shad Killin

Last week I spent 5 days up on the white river. We had our annual St. Louis crew, then some great clients of mine from Crosset Arkansas came up for a few days. We had decent weather, and a little generation. We had some great days drifting floating shad with shad droppers as well. We also had some days that we didn't see any shad. All in all it was a fun great week of white river fishing. I apologize for the lack of blog posts this winter. I will try and get back on top of it this spring!