Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Another couple of great fish that came from last week. I had the pleasure of fishing with Matt and his father in law. The boys laid down the law on the fish...they reminded me of how awesome their trip was last time and let me know i had some tall shoes to fill. Well....I think I filled them and they left happy!

JD and JIm

JD and Jim came and fished with me last week. We fished a PM half day and an AM half day. we caught gobs of fish, the weather was awesome and life was good. Jim lost his good brown went it went to take a run. JD however managed to bring this one to the net!


last week I got the chance to fish with some great people buddy and pam leach...They both caught tons of fish and a couple wild browns. Buddy returned his to the water before we could snap a pic but here is a fun pic of pam holding a nice little brown on a cloudy day!