Friday, October 31, 2014

Mr. Ellis

John and Shane fished with me last week. We started the Day off doing a little drift fishing. We caught lots of fish from the boat right out of the gate and as the morning progressed it slowed a little so we decided to do some wading. Then we got back in the boat and fished some of the new rising water and threw some streamers. All of our methods produced fishing including this one river monster! Shane had one on that was larger that we lost right at the net....


So over the past 5 years or so Ryan Mahoney has been fishing with me, he's learned a lot. He has landed some great fish, and he has lost some good fish. One thing is for sure though. He continued to fish and put in his dues. Well his River Karma was good last sunday. He landed this several other fish along with his lady. I would say all the way around. Ryan was on top on his world on Sunday.

Busters Bow

Fished a group trip last week of some Texans. Buster and Tyler ended up in my boat. We chased a small amount of water and it made for some good fishing! we caught plenty of fish all day and had a great time doing it, this was one of buster's prettier fish he landed that day so we made sure to snap a pic. was pleased with the way it came out!

John and Pete's Norfork Adventure

Last Week I got the chance to walk down memory lane and Fish with John. I won't even attempt to spell his last name but he use to take me to school my freshman year! It was a fun day. I got introduced to his friend Pete. We fished the Norfork. They learned a few things about presentation and we waxed them. It was an incredible day of fishing on min flow.

Sanders Makin it happen

Last year I guided Kris sanders and his father in law for the first time. We went down to dripping springs and caught lots of stockers. It was a great intro the fly fishing in the Ozarks. They wanted a little bit more of a challenge this year so with dead low water on the Red we ran a drift boat up to Norfork and did a sweet float.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My man Henry.

Today I fished my man Henry. Henry and I have been fishing together for a while now and have had some incredible trips with him solo, his son and his grandsons. Today we had to work pretty hard for the fish we got. We drifted lots of flies over lots of water. Some days you just have to work harder than others....but we also got rewarded today for our efforts and Henry got to land this amazing rainbow and made it totally worth it!

87 years young

The past few days I guided a group of Osage men. William, has fished with me before many times. This year he turns 88.  He's a hell of a fisherman and a really awesome guy to get to spend the day in a boat with. I certainly hope at 87 I am floating rivers and catching fish. Yesterday morning the clouds settled in above us and we had crazy amounts of monster browns moving all around us. We didn't hook the submarines but we did manage to land lots a great fish, including this brown.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Lou and Louis.

Yesterday I ran up to Norfork to meet Lou and Louis. We decided to take the newest predator drift boat out. The new boat is a little different than the one on the site and a lot lighter, faster, sleeker, more open and a blast to fish out of. The boys crushed it. We caught several browns, lots of cutties, and of course plenty of bows. Almost every fish we caught was broad and beautiful. This river is fishing really well right now. If you want to get up there soon let me know and Ill do my best to make it happen. Once the water came up we pushed off the river and jumped over to Dry Run creek. Well as you know there is not a better time to be there than now. So what are you waiting for?!?

Nate Strikes Again

Last Sunday I took out my boys Nate and Dollar.  The water was low so we decided to nymph. Nate wasn't on his game at all. Dollar absolutely was.  It was every 8 fish dollar caught Nate would catch one.  Sometimes we just have days like that right...well then they blew the horn and Nate's eyes lit up like a kid and a candy store. We busted out the streamer rods and all of a sudden Nate began to smile! Here are  just a few of the reasons why...

Colby lays it down.

Last week I ran a group trip with Jamie, It was a lot of fun. We took a group of guys from Calumet and some of their customers. The bite was pretty awesome and they boated lots of fish. I didn't take many pics but I did get this one of Colby with a nice 17 inch rainbow one morning!