Friday, January 2, 2015

More Maidens

John came back for some more of the Little Red's loving after his last great trip. He brought his son Will with him. We caught lots of fish on day one but the bigger fish eluded us. On Day two we picked on some super nice browns which was really cool!


Stan is another great client of ours who has seem some great days on the water with us, Ive taken his son on Dry Run creek and we have caught some great fish. Stand picked a perfect day this year to fish though. It was one of the first times they ran water in a long time and we were able to ride the wave. Him and his buddy absolutely crushed it!

Kevin Day 2

Kevin fished with me again the following day as well. This day was a little gloomier and a little bit more perfect for brown trout fishing. Kevin straight up showed out. He caught some amazing fish and lot of them. It was another one of those days that 18 inch fish were the cookie cutters.

Kevin and Charles

I got the chance to fish with Kevin and Charles this year. Two great guys who I really enjoyed fishing with. Both a couple of good ole Arkansas boys who loved the great outdoors. We had an incredible day of fishing and caught just gobs of really nice browns...

A little Maiden Time

John Madien is a long time client of ours at Rouse Fly Fishing. He's a fished with me for year in Colorado and all over Arkansas. This year we had several great trips together. These are a few fish from the first trip he took this fall. It rained almost all day and the bite was pretty incredible! also including a pic of Johns partner at the bank who Tony was guiding with me that day!

Farnsworth Family Tradition

This year the Farnsworth family continued their tradition with me and we went fishing the day after thanksgiving. Its always a really cool time full of awesome memories. This year was no different. Here are some of the fish these kids will remember forever.

Allens Day Off

A great client of ours Allen decided mid week to play a little hookie from work. We went on a  walk wade adventure and managed to find a few nice browns. The bite was good early and allen hung several really nice fish, then the bite slowed and we jumped to a new spot and got on a strong bite again! Here are a couple of the cookie cutter fish that we caught that day!

Dennis getting it done!

My guy Dennis came back to fish with me this year, it was a blue bird day with no flow, we managed to sneak the boat into a sweet position and catch a nice brown. This trip was then made for Dennis. Next thing you know we are wade fishing and crushing it. Things got silly and Dennis landed this fish to be the best brown he has caught to date!

Daniel Brown....catches a brown.

Daniel has been fishing with me for a while, we have had some incredible trips and caught some nice fish. Daniel had been wanting to catch him a nice brown though. We set off on foot plagued by low water and had several on at several different spots. We ended up landing this fish on pretty much the last cast of the day!

Whit's Hit

This year was crazy busy for us on the river and the low water made it pretty challenging. Lots of tourists, lots of people disrespecting fish and fisherman and all sorts of craziness. In efforts to make the river a little longer I kept a few photos off the web for a while. Now that fall is winding down Ill post a few...This is my guy Whit. Whit has been fishing with us for several years now. This year was amazing. We were shaking off 18inch fish like they were stockers. Im not even sure how I can take him next year after this...