Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some fish'n Fun.

I got the chance to goof around with my buddy Hays the other week for some streamer fishing. We did a long float from the damn down to lobo and just goofed off. picking hot spots chasing falling water. Lots of fun. We saw a few monsters but it was super sunny and conditions where far from great. We did manage to get some nice tugs and have a great time though.

Little Red Style

The day after Doug's first brown of the trip the group moved down to the Little Red for the day. I had Doug Solo and he had not done just tons of streamer fishing but it was the name of the game so we played hard. We landed some really fish and missed some nice ones as well. But Hard efforts ended up paying the man for sure

Doug's first white River Brown.

This year our St. Louis crew came down to fish with us as par usual but this time with a modified crew. Doug who fished with the boys a few years ago came back but ready for action. I fished with Doug on the Little Red as well as the White. This was his first White River brown.
To say the least he was pretty pumped to land this fish!

INSTA what?

thats right. I have made the move into the dark side. Give me a follow on instagram. my name on there is Millnermoves  

Its not just all fish but I Promise you a healthy portion of fish, bike stuff, good food and just Ozark Mtn Living.

Whitten and Whit

I got the chance to guide a good client of mine whit and whiten over the first week of Feb. It was not the shad kill we hoped for but we had a great time catching some good fish, we did some not so normal floats and tried to stay warm. For some reason my phone is missing some of the pics but whiten did manage to land several browns nicer than this one. You can find the other photos on my new instagram feed which is Millnermoves

Friday, January 2, 2015

More Maidens

John came back for some more of the Little Red's loving after his last great trip. He brought his son Will with him. We caught lots of fish on day one but the bigger fish eluded us. On Day two we picked on some super nice browns which was really cool!


Stan is another great client of ours who has seem some great days on the water with us, Ive taken his son on Dry Run creek and we have caught some great fish. Stand picked a perfect day this year to fish though. It was one of the first times they ran water in a long time and we were able to ride the wave. Him and his buddy absolutely crushed it!

Kevin Day 2

Kevin fished with me again the following day as well. This day was a little gloomier and a little bit more perfect for brown trout fishing. Kevin straight up showed out. He caught some amazing fish and lot of them. It was another one of those days that 18 inch fish were the cookie cutters.

Kevin and Charles

I got the chance to fish with Kevin and Charles this year. Two great guys who I really enjoyed fishing with. Both a couple of good ole Arkansas boys who loved the great outdoors. We had an incredible day of fishing and caught just gobs of really nice browns...

A little Maiden Time

John Madien is a long time client of ours at Rouse Fly Fishing. He's a fished with me for year in Colorado and all over Arkansas. This year we had several great trips together. These are a few fish from the first trip he took this fall. It rained almost all day and the bite was pretty incredible! also including a pic of Johns partner at the bank who Tony was guiding with me that day!