Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Another couple of great fish that came from last week. I had the pleasure of fishing with Matt and his father in law. The boys laid down the law on the fish...they reminded me of how awesome their trip was last time and let me know i had some tall shoes to fill. Well....I think I filled them and they left happy!

JD and JIm

JD and Jim came and fished with me last week. We fished a PM half day and an AM half day. we caught gobs of fish, the weather was awesome and life was good. Jim lost his good brown went it went to take a run. JD however managed to bring this one to the net!


last week I got the chance to fish with some great people buddy and pam leach...They both caught tons of fish and a couple wild browns. Buddy returned his to the water before we could snap a pic but here is a fun pic of pam holding a nice little brown on a cloudy day!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Magic? Karma? Lucky?

Today I fished with long time clients of JRFFA. Herman and Gene. Its always a pleasure to get to spend the day with these two. Herman started riding bikes this past year which gave us plenty to talk about all day! We dodged the rain bullet at lunch, then got off the water again a little after 3 right before the lightening storm and massive rain swooped. That wasn't the only way these boys got lucky today...we ended up finding 5 rainbows of 20 several more was nuts! here are a few of the pics from the day!

Dollar Dollar Bill Y'all!

The past couple days I fished with my man Chris Dollar. He is pretty much considered all things food in Memphis and is a blast to fish with. I always get the skinny on all the restaurant scoop and pick his brain for food ideas! Anyways. Our bite was tuff the first day but ended up super strong. The yesterday Chris and Johnathon laid it to them. we smoked some super nice fish including this one!

The Dr.'s whites!

Day Two with the Doc's we decided to go mix up it and take advantage of some of the other things spring has to offer and go pick on some white bass. It was a great day messing around in some of the most beautiful country the Ozark's have to offer!

Dr. Albright's back!

I got the chance to fish with Doc again last week. We decided since we had a couple of days to take the drift boat up to the nor fork for something a little different...we put in a great day. The river was kind to us and we had a blast...something about fishing from a drift boat that is just good for the soul!

white bass!

Its that time of year folks...not sure how much longer these dudes will be around but it certainly has been fun getting some different tugs. I took my man Ryan Mahoney and his pal out the other day and they whooped up on them pretty good, even mixed a few small carp into the grab bag!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ragen and Doc Albright!

last weekend I fished with Ragen and Dr. was a brisk overcast day with midges all over the place...we went down to the lower river and did some good ole fashioned midge fishing...we crushed them...we cross eyed and sore lipped so many trout it was unreal...including these nice couple of browns!

Michael and Jordan...

Last week was a busy week on the Little Red, Spring break was happening and the perfect flow has kept lots of traffic on the river for us...but the flow has kept it nice and spread can fish anywhere and have perfect flow! Michael and Jordan came down to fish with me and we had a great trip. Here is one of the fish from the day!