Monday, September 24, 2012

White River style

Over the weekend Jamie and I went up to the White and Norfork Rivers to help out buddy Forrest Smith out on a big group trip. I had the same two fellows both days that I guided on the Little Red here on Friday. The water on the white was low and clear. The morning bite was pretty solid but with a mid day slow down happening as the water continued to drop. However The Norfork was running water in the evenings and it was pretty stellar both days with gobs of 16 in slab rainbows caught. We also caught some nice fish on hoppers. Here are just a couple photos of two of the sweet browns Drew and Mark caught over the weekend!

September Wade Fishing

Last week while out guiding a few fellows, fellow guide buddy Lowell happened to be out playing. He graciously told my client to fall into his slot and beat up on some nice fish. He also snapped this photo that I thought was super cool and wanted to share it with yall!

Little Red Rainbows

Friday I got the chance to fish with Mark and Drew on the Little Red. The water was low but we had some nice clouds and a decent little may fly hatch on the lower river. After sitting out for a few minutes to watch a lightening storm pass we got right back to fishing. Unfortunately we were not able to find the brown trout that we were looking for but in that process we did manage to catch a handful of some great rainbows!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Last monday was a nice cold, dreary rainy day. Jamie Had a trip out on the lake and mid morning gave me a shout to come meet him and Paul at the ramp. I jumped at the chance to go get the big tug! They had already had a stellar morning, It was awesome. Low ceiling. calm water. Zero boats. Big hybrids blitzing the surface. It doesnt get much better than that! Here is some of Rouse's sick photo work! be sure to go to the guide shack to see the rest of the day's photos!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Walsh out!

The Little Red is really starting to turn on! Today I fished Brad and Ben Walsh. These guys smoked em. I think we probably boated around 90 fish today and several awesome browns. Ben landed this killer brown on a small hare's ear (ish) fly. Brad had one on that broke us off right at the boat that was close to two feet long, plus several other gorgeous healthy browns. The Rainbows were fat and feisty. The River was empty and the air was more than pleasant. We got the chance to do some cool wade fishing as well as drift fishing. You can pretty much take your pic right now as to what you want to do with the flows we currently are experiencing on the Red. The browns should continue to start showing themselves more as the month goes on as they are trying to get fat for the fall spawn. Now is the time to be here folks. I still have some great days in Sept. so get at me for some of this great pre fall action!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fox and Tom

Monday I got the chance to take a couple of young men fly fishing. Fox who has been fly fishing for a while, and Tom. It was Toms first experience. We had a beautiful morning and a decent little flow. The guys spent some time on the grass with the practice caster and then we hit the river. After the first drift we had fish boated. The guys did great they consistently had fish on and landed fish all morning. I am really not sure it could have been much better for them! Here are a couple pics of the young guys with some feisty Little Red Rainbows!

Cole-A-Thon 2012

On Labor Day my good friend Roger Cole always throws down. His family comes in from all over the place and they cook copious amounts of pork in many different ways and just straight up throw down. I usually take several members of his clan out for several hours each during the weekend to catch some fish. This year we had two boats out on Saturday and then one boat on Sunday. I did not get pics of everyone but here are just a few of the fish and smiles that they were having over the holiday!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Big Guy's First Trout

A little behind on this post the labor day Hollidaze has got me slowed down a bit. But I am trying to get all caught up. Last week I took a Couple of folks from Memphis our for their first fly fishing experience. They crushed it, caught tons of fish, endured the elements and fished hard in the rain. Matt, who is commonly referred to as "the big guy" caught this great brown on his first real cast!