Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heflin's Hoggin!

This morning I took Mike Heflin fishing. Mike fishes with me often so I had something real special lined out for him. We decided to get out at 6:00 a.m. and get in an early half day. The weather was sweet! The wind picked up as the morning went on but Mike didn't let it bother him. Mike did awesome. He lost a few big fish and caught a few big fish, but like I always say, you got to lose some to catch some! When we got back to the ramp Mike told me thanks, "It was as good as he'd ever had it". That's the kinda thing we strive for as guides...Everything just lined out in our favor this morning and life was good on the Little Red River

Derek and Tara

Yesterday Jamie and I did a group trip. I had Tara and Derek. Neither of them had ever fly fished before, so I did a quick little casting demo from the boat, got the rods rigged, and the fun began. It was a little slow at first but it didn't take long to get the rods bent almost every cast...I bet by lunch we had boated close to 50 fish! Tara who is close to 6 months pregnant had to stop at lunch but Derek and I continued on and it was a great afternoon!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steve and Sam

Last Monday and Tuesday I took out Steve and Sam, Steve is an old friend of mine who I hadn't seen in years and Sam is his dad. Sam was pretty familiar with a fly rod but Steve had never held one. Monday we just did an afternoon of fishing and then Tuesday we hit them hard all day. The guys caught lots of fish both days and we had a great time. These are a couple of the fish the guys got into. I think Steve is hooked for good now....

Saturday, July 17, 2010

John and Caroline

Today I fished John and Caroline... They had never fished before. They told me they had been busy all their lives and wanted to find a hobby so they decided to try trout fishing. After a little instructional time spent on dry land, we jumped to the river. Caroline caught on quick. She ended up catching about 20 fish to John's 10! They had some friendly competition going on that was fun. We saw lots of good healthy fish today who were all nice and frisky.

We're not talking about Catfish today!

Yesterday I took Mack, his grandson David, and his friend Chase. All the boys had been spin fishing but had never done any fly fishing. We started off with a little casting lesson and then we jumped in the boat... The boys took turns banging on fish... It was a great morning full of action and fun. We had good low water and fairly mild temperatures. I saved a little honey hole for the boys at the end of the day and we slipped in and caught a few thicker fish. Chase ended up catching this stocky bow to close out the morning.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Steve and Sammy

Yesterday Jamie and I did another group trip. I had Steve and Sammy. The guys had fished the day before, but other than that, it was their first times to have fly rods in their hands. They did excellent! We had low low water, so I rigged up some midge rigs and we started catching fish left and right...The only problem was the AGFC has been stocking these fingerling's to feed the browns and we were catching them every other cast!! It was still fun finding the nicer fish in the mix. I am sure the guys are hooked and will be back for more!

The Joe Lai Group

Last Friday and Saturday Jamie and I did a group trip.. They're group of Dentists we take fishing every year from Tulsa. Last year we had one of the most remarkable streamer days I have ever had on the river. It was unreal. This year wasn't a repeat but you can't say it wasn't for lack of trying. We put the heat on them but they just didn't act right. Saturday we decided to just go out and have some fun and bend some rods.. and Bend some rods we did... until about 2 p.m. We had a great bite, then a front moved in and shut our fish off. We ran back up river and finally found some fish that wanted to act right for the last hour or so of the day... All in all it was a great trip on the River even if the big browns didn't act right. The boys still left having caught some fat, fat, rainbows!

Steve Peay

Last Wednesday I took Steve Peay and a buddy of his from Dallas fishing...We had a half day lined out on the books. Conditions seemed to be a perfect morning. Low water, but still a little current and cloudy skies.. It drizzled on us off and on but we never got too wet..we caught fish all morning long, one after another, including this nice brown Steve Boated mid morning!

The Portera's Part Duece

Last Monday I took Greg and Will out for round two of trout fishing on the Little Red... The boys had been practicing their cast all weekend and they were both ready to hit em' hard. We started off going down river and caught lots of fish... We had told Will he had to catch 13 fish in order to eat lunch and by 11:00 a.m. he was at 18! After lunch our bite began to slow, but we dug our heels in and ran up river and forced a few more to eat.. The boys are back on the books for November and ready to catch some big brownies!

Ben Weir

Last Saturday I took Ben and his girlfriend Sarah fishing. We decided to sacrifice numbers to get away from the Holiday crowds. Sarah had never fly fished before and she did great... As the afternoon progressed and it got hotter and hotter, we lost our bite a little bit but we still caught some nice beautiful fish.
We probably only saw two others boats on the river all day. It was a wonderful day to be on the river....

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Portera's

Today I took Greg, Will, and Mary Virginia fly fishing for their first time. It was a beautiful day with really low water...Honestly, we could have used a squirt for drift fishing but it was still great. We started off with some casting lessons on the dry ground and then moved to the water and made it happen. Mary Virginia was the first one to hook up! Everyone caught fish all day long. It went through peaks and valleys and we seemed to find most of our fish on the shoals. Fun times were had by all! It's hard to complain about a day like today...

Dean Rose

Last Monday I took Dean fishing. Dean has been fishing the Little Red mostly from public access points and was given a gift certificate for his Birthday. Dean wanted to go see what the rest of the river was all about. We crushed 'em. It was a great day on the water with lots of active fish everywhere we went. During the middle of the day our bite slowed a little, which is to be expected with the summer heat. I'm pretty sure Dean had a great day learning a little more about some of the different parts of the river!