Friday, October 29, 2010

Bob's Brown

Today I took Bob and Mike out again for a half day trip. They wanted to stay in pursuit of a big brown with streamer techniques.At about 10 am we had only landed one 15 inch brown and 6 or 7 chunky rainbows. We had new water coming down river and decided to go jump into it head on. We put the boat on the trailer and got after it. Once we reached out new destination, our first pass turned a few big heads and we landed this 21 inch beauty. Mike caught another smaller brown and a rainbow. We had some more great water to cover but they had to catch a flight. I would say the move was well worth it!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Fall In the Ozarks!

So its officially fall in my book. Lots of guiding. Great weather and Brown trout! Today I took Mike and Bob out for a taste of the Little Red River. We started out throwing streamers and turned a few heads. Bob caught this 18 inch'er early then it died off. We went to nymphing and beat on them for a while. After lunch We did some wading and Bob got into some nice fish on streamers again. Landed a 24 inch'er. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture and lost a few other that were maybe bigger. We continued to bang on fish on streamers and right at the end of the day Mike landed this nice two footer!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Eddie and Ben

Talk about windy! Today I took Eddie and Ben Waldron out for a day of fishing. It was day four with no water and windy as hell! We started out trying to do a sneak attack on the pigs I saw yesterday. Unfortunately the fish weren't home...Wade fishing was a little tough on us, so we decided to switch up our tactics and fish the deeper water with some minnow patterns. It was awesome!! We caught a couple of nice browns and gobs of rainbows! At lunch, we had a few shots at some lunkers but couldn't seem to get them to play...These fish are extremely spooky right now. After lunch the wind kicked up to 30mph gusts! The bite got pretty tough but we still managed to catch a few fish...great day on the LRR!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Wheat's

Today I took Jason and his dad, Wendell. Jason's wife Emily came along for the ride. It was the guys first time to ever hold a fly rod. We had extremely low water and lots of wind! The guys took a few minutes to get into the groove but once they did, it was good. Our morning was action packed. Lots of willing rainbows. At lunch, I spotted a pair of big browns! Jason made cast after cast for them. Eventually, he hooked one of them! The fish made a big run,jumped, and he snapped the line! It was way cool. As each day goes on I'm seeing more and more big fish starting to move around and I'm getting excited!

Early Morning Hybrids

Last week, I took a few guys out to the lake for some hybrids. When we launched the boat we had fish busting at the ramp! I just knew it was going to be an awesome action packed day. We caught a few hybrids, a couple whites, a smallie and a Kentucky. After that our action pretty much died. We continued to search out fish but it got dead calm on us. It was still a cool experience for the guys because it was something that they had never done!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today was day four with no water... I took Jason Peeples and I'll be honest, we had to work pretty hard for our fish...The fish are in need of some fresh cool oxygenated water! Peeps saddled up and got into the groove. The second fish of the morning was this super nice 21 inch brown. We did see a few other browns starting to move around but didn't rip into any of them. I have a good feeling its going to be a great fall!

Lee Time

Yesterday I took Roland and Jacob Lee. These guys love to fish! Yesterday we had super low water and had to get down and dirty on the fish. I am not typically a midge fisherman but these guys can handle a rod so we busted down to 6x and size 20 midges and wore their butts out! The guys probably caught 100 fish by the end of the day. I was super proud of the Lee boys!

Mack Attack!

Two days ago I took Mack, his grandson David, and his friend Chase. This was the second time these guys fished with me. This time we had a little lower water and it was super crowded on the river. The guys did great and Incorporated a little friendly competition. Mack was on a team by himself and the two boys against him...It was all good fun With almost 30 fish boated by noon!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bill and Dave

Today was probably the most beautiful day of the fall yet....It was a crisp morning with blue skies. Bill has fished with me before but it was during our "high water years". It was sure nice to show him the Little Red from a different perspective. The fishing was good. We probably boated somewhere around 75 fish. We waded only for a few minutes and caught a couple, but the drift fishing remained pretty strong almost all day. Motoring up through some of the shoals I saw several nice browns scampering away and it got me all fired up!

The Doc

Last week I took Doctor Albright and a resident of his, Doctor Matt Sharp. Jim has been fishing with Jamie for about ten years and with me the past few. He loves to fish and is always bringing his residents up to fish. Matt Sharpe had never done any fly fishing before today. It was a great time. We had pretty good bites both days. It was a lot of peaks and valleys but when it was hot, it was red hot! We saw a bunch of nice browns starting to move around but they were all still very spooky. It won't be long before its that time of year!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gotta Love It!!

Today I took John and Will Maiden trout fishing on the Little Red River....We had a blast. Will is 9 years old and a great little angler! I'm not sure how many fish the guys caught today,but I'm suspect somewhere around 75...maybe evena few more! I was having way too much fun to try and keep a count. We did a little drift fishing this morning and got em good! After lunch we suited up and did some wading. Both guys crushed em' again. Fall is approaching and we saw lots of big browns moving around but all were still very spooky. John did catch this super nice rainbow towards the end of the afternoon! If you are planning on fishing with me this fall make sure you bring your waders!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hey guys, the past few nights the Hybrid fishing has been off the charts. Last night Amy and I crushed them...The bust lasted quite a while and we got into some nice fish. The biggest one was a little over 8 pounds of the boga grip scale. He took me to the backing!! As October continues, we should start to see even bigger fish and the action will last longer and longer! If you have a trip planned to come fish the Little Red, you might want to consider squeezing a Greer's Ferry Lake trip into the mix as well. Holler at Jamie and I! We can do group trips!