Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yesterday I took out Stan, Pierce and William. Last year I guided Pierce on Dry Run Creek. It was the first time I had fished with the other fellows. The water was pretty low and I was a little concerned about finding places all three guys could fish but we made it work and we made it work well. The boys crushed it. They caught lots of fish all morning long. Gobs of rainbows and one really nice brown. We caught fish midgin, Sow buggin, nymphing, and swinging soft hackles. It was an all around stellar morning of trout fishing on the Little Red River!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Mother/Son Bonding

Today I took out a Mother and Son from Austin Texas, Diane and John. The last time they had fished the Little Red was several years ago and it was a blow out a bad way. Today was a much better experience for them and their tainted perception of the river changed. We hammered fish pretty consistently all morning. Of course, once the sun got real high and it got super hot our bite did slow some, but we managed to end the day on a bang...last drift, last cast, John put the clobber on this fine hen of a rainbow!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swan and G-Money

Friday and Saturday I fished on the White and Norfork with a couple of fellows we shall just refer to as Swan and G-Money...We had a blast!  Friday we didn't do anything but fish dry fly's...We had an absolutely crazy number of fish eat and landed some great ones as well...and of course as any good fishing story goes...the best ones got away...Saturday we mixed it up a little...Yes, we did fish some indicator rigs just to bang out some numbers...We fished some hoppers, and waxed some great ones. For the grand finale once the river became empty and the clouds rolled in, we started ripping streamers...The action was epic. I mean every cast we had an eat or a chase. It was mind blowing. The boys ended up having an all around stellar weekend! Here are just a few pictures that made up this awesome trip!

more terrestrial eaters...

Thursday I scooted up to the White River with my man Kristopher to do some terrestrial fishing...We took our time getting to the water and of course stopped into the White Sands for breakfast...The water was low so we were not in a huge hurry...We fished for a while and had lots of whacks, but not a lot of angry eats. After they turned the water on we rode the push for a while and each got to cross the eyes a few nice browns!

my man Will

Last week I got the chance to fish with my man Will and his pops Greg. The fellows have been fishing with me for a few years now and have come a long way! Little Will doesn't even need me anymore except to tie his tippet and fly! The fishing was great. The river was empty. Rods stayed bent all day long and big smiles were had by all...I think at one point young Will was even teaching his dad how to do it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Extra Terrestrial

This certainly isn't the biggest fish in the Little Red River but it sure is a pretty one...Just another fine fish who fell for a foam and rubber fly...The surface strikes right now can be pretty incredible folks and should be until we get our first hard frosts so be sure to book your trips for the summer today to get in on the action!

Another Hopper Morning

Since my dad usually comes up on the weekend we don't get to fish nearly enough together because I am usually booked most weekends. Last week he took the whole week off for the 4th of July. We spent some time throwing hoppers on the Little Red and he tagged several nice fish. He is a Little Red brownie that fell to the foam!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Little Family time for the 4th!

Yesterday I took out my sister and my brother-n-law. I am not positive, but I think it was the first time I've taken MK fishing! Lewis and I have fished together several times, including a banner day last fall. Anyway we stuck around here and went down river a bit. Fishing was good. Mk came out of the gate smoking. She smacked several pretty browns and and a few rainbows. Lewis did great as well and closer to the end of the morning he landed this great rainbow!

Foam, rubber legs, and explosive strikes

A couple of days ago I got the chance to take my dad fishing. After Hays and I had such a killer day on the White fishing hoppers, I wanted to share a piece of the pie with my dad. After all, for years he dragged me up that way and guided me into all my fish as a youth. It was awesome...borderline silly..he landed at least 25 browns and one rainbow...The cookie cutter fish was 17 or 18 inches with several larger and of course several smaller...The action was killer.  It was really cool to get to watch my dad have such a great time throwing big dries...


The other day I did a group trip with Tony. We had some clients that fish with Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing often. I had Steve and Spence in my boat. The water was great. We had  a good flow and got an early start to beat the heat..I would say the boys landed close to 90 fish from 6 am until noon. We didn't land any monsters but we sure did have some fun! Life is good on the Little Red!

hopper time

The summer heat is not all bad...One of my favorite things about being on that cold river during the middle of the summer is the terrestrial fun. There is nothing better than watching trout come up to the surface and do back flips for big nasty foam flies...The other day my buddy Hays and I got the chance to go out and fish together..Here are a couple of pics from our trip!