Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Johnny "Action" Jackson

Last week my man Johnny Jackson came up from Memphis to do a little fishing, the water was high and the sun was bright but we dug in and landed some really incredible fish. Got a pretty studly brown as well as some thumper rainbows. Maybe one of the best days Johnny and I have had together so no complaints on this day of high water trout fishing!

Ron and Mike

last week I took out a couple of guys on a group trip. I had Ron and Mike in my boat. We started off the day with a bang. I popped this brown on my first cast teaching them how to work the fly! Both of the guys landed some quality fish! here are a couple photos from the day!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Dickie doin it up

Last week I took Dickie and Phil out on our first fly fishing adventure. It was Dickie's first real fly fishing experience and I would say it was a great success. He ended up picking up this nice brown pretty early in the morning! It was certainly the fish of the day!

Lucas Layin it down

The following day Jamie ( Lucas's wife) decided to enjoy her cabin on the river and some solitary time. Weather was funky and rainy and perfect for chasing brown trout. Lucas and I set out with one goal to get a good brown. He stuck with it and ripped big streamers almost all day. Fish were chasing and moving but just were not eating aggressively. We did end up getting a few pay outs which made it all worth while! It's always fun to get to spend the day with another guide. I'm serious ya'll if you have always wanted to get a shot a great red fish, Lucas Bisset is your man. He

books up way in advance so call him early!

The Bissett's

Last winter I went down to red fish in south La. I ended up fishing with another Orvis Endorsed guide named    Lucas Bissett I am sure most of my steady readers remembered some of the great photos from our trip...anyways he is the man for red fish folks if you are needing a good salt fix! Lucas brought his wife Jamie down to fish with me last week. It was his wife's first time to hit the water with a fly. We smoked them. It was a beautiful day of catching some very quality rainbows, browns and brookies! look for another post to come soon of Lucas's trip with just me the following day!

First timing it!

Had the chance to fish with Matt and his father in law about a week ago. It was both of the fellows first time to fish with the company. The fishing was down right silly. I bet we boated 80 fish. No monsters but certainly lots of bent rods and lots of smiles!

Jim and Doug!

Still trying to get caught up on some blogging that I am behind on. The thunderstorms that have been sitting over Heber for the past 12 hours or so gave me that chance. Last week I got to fish with Doug and Jim. They are a couple of Memphis boys who came ready to fish! The bite was strong. Doug had fished with JRFFA a few times but it was Jim's first time to hold a fly rod but he managed to get into a groove and smack on them!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dr. Cannon and his dog!

As many of you know I am a sucker for a good dog and it just so happened Last week I got the chance to fish with Dr. Cannon and his awesome yellow lab. We took the drift boat up to the Norfork and enjoyed a beautiful float. We certainly worked hard for the fish we caught but we did manage to get a couple of really nice fish!

Meet the Morgans

Wow, so its been a great spring in the Ozarks. The weather has been all over the board but the fishing has remained strong and we have been swamped spending almost every day on the water. I am a bit behind on blogging and have another solid 10 days or so on the water. I will try and get some posts up as soon as I can get a break! I did get to take Michael and his wife Ann Morgan out for a sweet half day. It was one of those weird cold rainy days but we absolutely laid the smack down on some amazing fish! Here are a few of the photos from their trip fishing on the Little Red River!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Eddie time

Last week I also got the chance to fish with my buddy Eddie. Eddie and I seem to have some good voodoo when we are the boat together. I am pretty sure every time he comes fishing with me we always seem to hook up on a nice trout. This certainly isn't the biggest trout Eddie has ever caught with me but it sure was the best fish of the day and a down right awesome brown!

Rick and Greg

Last week I worked a group of boys from up north. I had Rick and Greg. We spend the day fishing around in higher water but the bite sure was pretty strong. We had to work hard for our fish but these guys brought some beautiful rainbows to the boat that was for sure! Here are just a couple of these magnificent rainbows the Little Red River has been coughing up!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paul and Jim

Every year Our good Clients the Lee's come down from all over to Arkansas to have a little brotherly bonding and fishing. This year we had to dodge some bolts of lightening but the time we were on the water was pretty epic. The second day starting at about noon we were able to put on dry flies and not take them off until the day was over. It was pretty incredible day with some awesome times to be had.

and the spring fun continues!

Last week I got the opportunity to fish with a fellow named chance and his father in law. Chance had been fly fishing for several years but his father in law had only held a rod once since high school. He was one of those guys that just had a natural cast. It turned out to be a pretty great couple of days of fishing with some really nice fish brought to the boat! The Little Red can cough up some amazing rainbows if you just no where to look, we also found this nice brown in the process!