Sunday, June 27, 2010


Yesterday Jamie and I did a group trip. We started off going our separate ways. I had Ray and Ray. We started out with some nymphing from the boat. Jamie took Steve and Tobe out for some streamers. Ray and Ray crushed fish all morning long on nymphs. We had boated 50 or 60 fish by lunch. After lunch we got out on the shoals and fished together. We caught eight browns 20 inches or bigger and probably 4 rainbows over 18. We also caught tons of suckers! The poor man's bone fish! It was an absolute blast!

Rob and Zack

Last Sunday I took Rob and his brother Zach out for a half a day adventure. It was a great morning for Zach to learn how to fly fish. Rob fishes frequently but hadn't done much drift fishing! They both got spoiled. We picked on fish all morning long! I bet the guys caught 60 fish by quitting time. It was awesome. It was just one of those days on the river you dream of, low water, great weather, and lots of fish!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day!

Yesterday I took Lindy and her dad Dennis out for a morning adventure. It was going to be another hot one on the river so we decided on a half day. Both of them fish on the river all the time but had never been much further down than the pocket. They both started out on fire and it really never let up. We caught fish all morning. We had good low water and active fish. I would say by noon when we pulled off the water, we had an easy 50 fish to the boat! I couldn't have asked for a better morning on the river and I'm pretty sure Dennis thought it was a pretty good Father's Day gift from his daughter!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Amy's Jurassic Rainbow!

Today I took my girlfriend out for a little while. We decided to to go a a little spot that I kinda keep in my back pocket that sometimes will hold a big fish... Well, we got into a few nice rainbows. I played around with a Helios switch rod for a while and we just had a great time. Right before we decided to leave, I jumped us over to one other spot and BAM! Amy hooked up with the biggest fish she has ever seen! It was a awesome battle between her and the pig. He peeled line off the reel several times! After the fight was over we took a quick picture and headed home. It was a great morning on the river. Some nice fish where caught and we got out of the river before it got to hot!

The Hodges

Last week, the Hodge family was in town from all over. I did a half a day with David and his grandfather, Doc. Afterwards I did a casting lesson with alot of the kids and got John and his sister Angelina, comfortable with a fly rod. Angelina has done her fare share of fly fishing, but just not recently. The following day I took them out for a half day and we had a stellar bite. We stayed on fish all morning. At about 11:00, a storm started to roll in and as the rain came down harder and harder, our bite slowed. All in all it was a great time spent with a great family and everyone caught lots of fish!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day!

Hey Ya'll, Just wanted to Remind Everyone Father's day is coming up and the best way to say "You're the Man DAD!" is with a gift certificate to go fly fishing!! If you've never been before, NO PROBLEM. I have half and full day's available!!

This ain't Oklahoma!

Today I took Mike and Ron fishing. Both are from Oklahoma. We had falling water and started off with some deeper water rigs that were just plain kicking butt! As the water dropped, our bite slowed a little but we soon got back in the grind with a nasty little emerger fly. As the afternoon progressed it got hot but the fishing remained consistently good. Mike hooked this nice brown mid afternoon and it was certainly the high light of his trip today!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rick, Corey, Conner

Yesterday Jamie and I did a group fishing trip. I had Rick, Corey, and his son Conner, in my boat. Jamie took Tob and Steve. It was free fishing weekend so we decided to start a little early and try to get a head start of the crowds. The fishing was hot and we caught fish all day. I'm sure by the end of the day we had caught well near 80 fish! It was fantastic. Corey caught this nice brown near the end of the day in a nice shady stretch of the river.

The Riveria Crew

Last Saturday I took a few guys trout fishing for their first time. I fished with Gaston, Will, and Jace. They were all fired up about it. Since no one had ever done any fly fishing we got out in the grass at the ramp and did a small series of casting lessons and got familiar with the rod before hitting the water. Once the guys got out there it took a few minutes to get all of the kinks worked out, but eventually everybody got the hang of it and probably picked up close to 20 fish each!. Another great day of fishing on the LRR!

Dr. Albright

It seems as life has just been busy lately and I just haven't been on top of my blogging game, so I am a little behind. Last week I took Jim Albright, a good client of Jamie's fishing. I have met Jim on the river many times but never had the pleasure of fishing with him. We caught lots of fish and had a blast! Jim caught this nice brown while floating soft hackles through the shoals. The weather got a little dicey for a while but we waited it out and all was good!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Byron and Evans!

Yesterday I took Byron and Evans out for a day of fishing. Evans is almost 7 and had been fishing before, but never fly fishing. Byron and I set out to gear up the day to be all about him. It was a blast! The sun was high and it was hot, but we had some active fish. Most of the fish Byron would hook up and then let Evans bring them to the boat.On a few occasions,he caught fish all on his own. His cast, his hook set and his retrieve! It was a cool experience to watch the father and son bond.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Weir's

Yesterday I took Ben and Steven Weir...The river was a little stained and the water wasn't appearing to be dropping out very fast but it turned out to be a great day of fishing. Our bite was sort of in peaks and valley's but we certainly caught lots of fish all day including 3 nice browns. As the storm blew in we lost our bite for a brief moment, then just before the bottom fell out it got hot again. We stayed out on the water as long as possible before the thunder started getting right over our heads and we headed for the ramp....