Thursday, April 29, 2010

Loose Lucey

Tuesday a good client of mine Clint,had a couple of his "big-wigs" in town and wanted to take them out on a guided trip so he gave me a call. We had just gotten a good bit of rain and the river was high and muddy but we dug our heels in and made it work. We started off with a cool windy morning, but as the afternoon progressed the temps warmed up and we got onto a nice bite. We landed a few nice brownies and lost another one during a good fight... I guess you have to lose some to catch some, right? Clint didn't get into the fish as much as the other guys but he made a great assistant,helping the others keep their lines in the water! All in all it was a fun day with some great action and good times!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Roger's Rainbow's

Friday, I had Roger Cole,a good client of mine fishing with me. We decided we would pursue some bigger fish. As it turned out, we caught lots of big fish!! We had thunderstorms on the radar but decided to go ahead with our plan anyway. I think the biggest fish Roger caught was about 5 1/2 pounds! Who knew the Little Red River even had Rainbow trout this big? It was unreal catching fish after fish worthy of being put on the reel. Roger also had a new switch rod we wanted to try out, so we rigged it up and played around with it for a while. It was an amazing day of trout fishing for us, that's for sure!!

Doc and Rick

This past Thursday I took Doctor Usdan and Rick out fishing. It seemed like it was going to be the perfect conditions. We had low water and sunny skies. We were able to get into some fish but they sure were being picky. We worked hard for all of the fish we caught. We found one stretch of the river that seemed to be holding the most fish, so we concentrated our fishing there. At lunch we got out of the boat and did some wade fishing. It was so nice to be out of the boat and wading! Haven't been able to do much of that lately. Rick caught this nice brown at lunch and Doc caught several nice bows. At the end of the day we got into an awesome caddis hatch and caught a few fish on dries...another great day on the river!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

John and Ben

This past Saturday and Sunday I took John and Ben out for a day of fishing on the LRR. We had low water and great weather. Saturday our fishing was kind of tricky until about 10:30, then we got on top of a lot of fish and absolutely smoked them! There were a ton of boats on the water and eventually the pressure put our fish down, but we sure had fun! Sunday was a different story. We only saw one other boat on the river. It was so nice. We fished dry-dropper rigs almost all day and caught tons of nice fish! John was on fire and it seemed like he was catching fish on every cast for a while. It was incredible! It was a fun two days,mixing up some techniques and fishing a few different styles. It kept things interesting for sure. I certainly love spring fishing for that reason!

Friday, April 16, 2010

life don't suck too much....

Today I took Robert and Stewart fishing. The last time we fished together, it was cold and a torrential rain storm storm. Today it was low water and sunny! We tried a little streamer fishing, but the Sun was working against us. Stewart did manage to land this 25 inch pig! Soon afterwards, we decided to break out the nymph rods and pick on a few big fish. Both guys caught a couple of nice fish and good times were had by all. We then decided we would try to bend the 3 weights a little, so we headed to another spot and caught boat loads of rainbows! It really doesn't get any better. As Stewart would say " Life Don't suck too much."

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dick Kellet

Today I took Dick Kellet out fishing. We only had a half day to fish so we decided to get fishing as quickly as possible. We rigged up the 3 weight rod and got after them. The fishing was absolutely insane! Caddis were flying around everywhere with a few rises mixed in. Dick caught over 50 fish in just a few hours including this nice brownie!

Harlan And George

This past Monday and Tuesday, I got to take Harlan and George fishing. The guys love to chuck streamers and so we headed out. The sun was out in full force both days. We had some great action and even lost a fish that I bet was well over 25 inches, but we just couldn't seem to land too many of them! We eventually decided to give the arms a break and picked up the nymph rods to pick on a few rainbows. It was on fire! We caught some nice sassy rainbows. These are just a few of the fish the boys caught over the last two days!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Big Boys!

Today I took Steve and Jacob Twersky fishing. It was another beautiful spring morning without a cloud in the sky, which unfortunately kinda bummed us out since Jacob loves to throw streamers. But we went ahead anyway and got out the big guns. We had a few whacks and some follows, but we just couldn't get a big brown to commit, so we decided to do a little nymphing. It was hot! Both guys caught some serious Jurassic Little Red River hogs! We even tried our luck on the some caddis dry's and had some awesome action. Here are just a couple of the nice fish these guys caught today! I guess it turned out to be ok that the browns didnt want to come out and play!


Friday and Saturday Mike Heflin and a group of boys came up for some fishing. On Friday, we decided to try our luck on the river. We had a beautiful morning. Our bite was never on fire but there were certainly some nice fish caught and some good times had by all. Mike caught this nice brownie about mid morning. It was a great fight. Saturday I took Tom and Kacey fishing in my boat. Jamie took Mike and John and we all headed to the lake for some whities! First cast, we had fish on! Those white bass are so much fun. Spring time in the Ozarks is the ultimate sportsman's paradise!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This little Piggy....

Today I took Doc Usdan and Travis fishing. We decided to split our day and go look for some big fish in the morning and chase white bass in the afternoon. We geared up the streamer rods and set out in search of a pig brownie. I think the Sun was our enemy today, so we put the streamer rods away and got out the indicator rigs. We quickly started slaying slab rainbows! After both guys each caught a bunch of the big boys, we pulled out and headed to the Whitie hole and had a pretty good bite on them as well! The sun was high and the air was sort of cool. We probably couldn't have asked for better weather or better fishing!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So as most of you have figured out by now, the white bass are running. It's one of my favorite spring time activities. I think the whites, pound for pound, pull harder and fight as hard as any fish. They will bend a six weight in half! We have been catching plenty of them. Sometimes close to a hundred a day, and it should only be getting better over the next couple of weeks.The larger females are starting to push in and its just too much fun!

George and Brent

One day last week, my friend Frank called me and got me hooked up with a buddy of his from Idaho, Brent. Brent and his friend George, who is from from North Carolina, had been up at Bull Shoals looking for a big brown and had struck out. They decided to come down to Heber. Of course Friday night we got several inches of rain and so Saturday we had a muddy high mess. We tried out best in the morning to turn a big boy but they just wouldn't act right so we headed out to put the smack down on the white bass. It was high and muddy there as well, but the bass didn't seem to mind. It turned out to be a real fun day and lots of bent rods!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Part Two

I apologize for the lapse in blogging. The schedule has just been a little busy, which is always a good thing. Last Wednesday I took Ed and Danny out again. We stuck to the river this time. We had a pretty decent window in the morning of lower water, so we tried our best to stay in front of the rising water. We caught fish all morning long, but we really had to work hard for them. As the water came up our bite got slower and slower. Danny did manage to pull this very nice brown out right before our afternoon ended!