Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Yesterday I took out a long time client of my Johhny Jackson. It was my first time however to fish with Johhny's wife, Connie. They did great we pretty consistantly caught fish all day long. Not just Jonny. Connie held her own for sure. At the end of the day we were starting to wrap it up when this happened! A Hybrid sipped Johhny's egg pattern! It was a sweet fish on 5x tippet and his 5 wt rod!

Randal's fish.

Saturday my man Jimmy Bogan came on back to see me and brought his friend Randal. The morning was tuff, fish were kinda spooky. Of course there was literally fifty cars at the boat ramp parking lot. We did manage to find a few sweet spots and land a total of 40 fish for the morning. Which we were certainly pleased with!

My man, Dr. Usdan.

So the good Doctor came to spend a couple of days fishing with me over the weekend. We fished thursday afternoon on the little red and friday afternoon on the Norfork. The bite on the Red was great. In fact Dr. caught all browns and no bows. It was a perfect streamer kind of day. The norfork was a little more challenging. We caught some nice fish including this stud rainbow but they did not come to the boat easy thats for sure!

Family Time

I recently got the chance to fish with my mom and my cousin. I don't get to fish with family nearly enough as most weekend i am usually working already, so my mom and my cousin came up in the middle of the week. The river was a little off color due to the rains from the day before but they still managed to whack some great fish, plus it was just really nice to get to spend the day with the people you love, doing what you love!

First cast Love.

I almost forgot to share this nice photo with you guys. This was one I caught on the very first cast last week while handing a rod to a client....nice way to start the day!

Norris and Jimmy!

A long time family friend and great client of mine Jimmy Bogan headed over to the river to do some fishing with me last week. He brought his pal Norris. The guys absolutely punished the fish. We didn't keep count but I know it was bucket loads of fish... Here are a few of the nicer ones they caught!

Drizzly mornin trout!

Ive been lots of time on the river lately, I know  you guys can't tell by my blogging but its been busy here on the water. Lots of great summer fishing, fun in the sun. I was on a group trip with Jamie not to long ago. It was a father and his two boys. Here are a couple of nice bows that Andy brought to the boat while fishing with me.

kids love to fish

School is starting back most places over the next two weeks. Take advantage of this time before the semester really gets cranking again and get the special kids in your life out for some fishing. The fishing has been pretty dang incredible lately. Here are a couple shots of a few young anglers who were very happy to catch some solid trout over the past couple of weeks!