Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Tis The Season

So my best buddy Hays came up to Heber for the week to get some Aqua Therapy in...Yesterday morning we got to go fish together for a while. Usually we just pound the banks in search of big browns but lately I've been gettin down and dirty with small flies on some big rainbows so I took him to my new spot...This was the Little Red River monster he pulled up. Biggest Rainbow Trout he has ever caught! Hope you enjoyed it dude!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Jurassic Rainbow

WOW! This year has been an awesome year for some Jurassic rainbows. Starting last spring the rainbow fishing has been killer...Today I took Ben who fishes with me quite often and his buddy John. I had this Master plan of riding the water down starting at them dam, well the water never came...We did manage to land this beast before we took off to go boat a bunch of fish...Another awesome fish caught and released on the Little Red River!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Twersky Time!

Today I fished Jacob and Steve Twersky...It was a actually a pretty pleasant morning. Certainly chilly but not miserable. We started off doing some drifting from the boat and hammered some rainbows and Jacob boated a nice little brown. We moved on up river and got out and waded for some bigger fish. With no luck we moved on and spooked up a monster. We got back out and put some streamers in front of him. Jacob again hooked up and landed about a 20 incher. As the afternoon went on we hammered a lot of cookie cutter rainbows. At the End of the day we got the big flies back out and Landed an 18 and a 24 incher!! Life was good on the Little Red River today!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Doc & Moody!

Today I got to take out my buddy Doc and Moody...I have had some incredible days on the water with these two...Our Morning started off ok...we caught a few fish in one place and then moved on. Our next stop we hooked a couple of nice brown's and then Doc landed this one! We kept on moving in search of some big fish, but they just didn't seem to want to play so we decided to get into the boat and do some drifting...It was killer! We crushed fish for the rest of the day and it was a good time!

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Mike Heflin fished with me today. We decided to try to go sight cast to some big fish...The first spot we pulled up to we had some big rainbows in the scope! We cast at them and caught a few nice ones. Mike gave me the rod and I landed a pretty nice one. It fired Mike back up and he made some nice casts. He hooked up and with perfect execution, put the big boy on his reel! It was the thumper of a rainbow! Mike has been fishing with me for several years now and it was by far the nicest fish I have ever seen him catch! What an awesome day on the Little Red!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dave and Bill

Tuesday I took Dave and Bill out for a little fall wade fishing. The guys wanted to pursue some nice browns so we headed down river to a beautiful shoal. It was extremely cold with 30 mph wind gusts. I built us a fire on the shore and we proceeded to put the hurt on some nice brownies! We probably caught 6 fish over 18 inches and lost several over 24! The guys hung in hard on the wind and did a great job...All in all it was another day in paradise on the Little Red River...

Mr Lee

Last Sunday I took Doctor Lee out for a little sight fishing for some big browns. It was a pretty awesome day. We saw some really nice fish, caught some really nice fish, and lost some really nice fish... The water was extremely crowded, but we wiggled our way into some nice spots and despite the 25 mph winds, we did great!

A Family Of Farnsworth's

It's sort of become an annual event now that I take Robert's family fly fishing on the Little Red the day after Thanksgiving. This year was a complete opposite of last year..Low water and real cold. Last year it was super high water! All of the kids caught lots of fish...His middle boy caught this killer brown trout wade fishing! The other two kids fished from the boat and each caught over 20 fish in their two hour slot time!Great times on the Little Red River!