Friday, August 27, 2010

Ronnie and Dan

Today I took Ronnie and Dan fishing... The water was really low so we headed decided to set off wet wading. It was even better than yesterday...We got into fish all day. It was another beautiful day with low humidity. Ronnie was into some major action...First he caught a 17 1/2 inch rainbow, then a brown about the same size...Then we found a big 23 inch brown surfacing and hooked and lost him...Dan had never fished with a 3 WT, so I introduced him to the joys of light rods...All in all it was a great day on the river!!

Farns and Bill

Yesterday I had my good client Robert Farnsworth and a client of his named Bill. Bill fishes the Norfork frequently, but had fished the little Red very little. We set off chucking streamers looking for some big browns. The extremely low water and sunshine didn't really help us out, so after and hour or so we decided to pick up the nymph rods and go pick on some rainbows. We headed to one of my favorite shoals to do some wading.We got out and kicked some ass. It was a lot of fun wet wading in the freakishly warm river water...with freakishly cool air. The fish where active and we had a blast! I didn't get any cool fish pics but I did get this neat shot of both guys with fish on!


So if you've been wondering why I haven't been posting lately,it's because I've been in Alaska. My dad and I went to Rapids Camp Lodge in King Salmon...Talk about an awesome experience. We did some bad ass hiking, some sweet floating, some silver salmon fishing, and few other things. We learned to cast Spey Rods and ate awesome cuisine....The place is the cat's meow thats for sure! Dad and I both caught tons of Rainbow's and massive artic char...We went after silver's one day just so we could take some meat home. It was such a blast...Here is a link to a slideshow with some very cool photos....

Monday, August 9, 2010

Terrinell and Mary Austin

Wow! is all I have to say about the fishing on Sunday. It was awesome. It was Mary Austin and Terrinell's last hurrah before Mary Austin went off to college. We had extremely low water and lots of willing fish... I pulled the boat up to a great riffle and dropped anchor...We probably caught 50 fish right there, almost one cast after another, before we decided to go try a few other places...It was alot of fun fishing with the girls...By the middle of the day we had caught over 75 fish and decided to call it enough for the day...

Roger Time

Last Friday I took Roger Cole and his Friend Jimbo...We decided to get out a little early and beat the heat...Unfortunately the first hour was a little slow and our bite didn't pick up until later in the morning...Once it picked up it was on!..Roger had his new switch rod and was kicking butt with it.. Jimbo had done very little fly fishing but caught on fast and racked up the numbers as well. We got off the river before it got to hot but still probably boated 80 fish. It was a great day of fishing on the Little Red.

The Schlitt's.

Last Tuesday I took David and David Schlitt...Fishing was great. I had donated a gift certificate to the Brook's museum in Memphis and they bought it. We fished for a half day and the boy's did great. Fishing was awesome and they caught tons of fish...The boys hadn't fly fished but once a long time ago so it took us a few minutes to get the kinks worked out but once they did it was great!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kyle and Michael

Friday afternoon Michael and Kyle Kiser fished with me. After an action packed morning, I was afraid the bite wasn't going to be as great... I was wrong! The boys killed it! They caught tons of fish... I would say well over 50! Most of the fish were pretty standard rainbows... good fish with lots of action...Towards the end of the afternoon, Michael hooked into this big ole brown. It is one of the nicer fish I've seen in a while taken using nymphing techniques... It was an all around fantastic day of fishing on Friday on the Little Red River!

Matthew Owen

Friday Morning I took Matthew Owen out for a half day fishing. Matthew is 15 years old but he's a great angler. We started off fishing the falling water with some deep water rigs and he slayed them. As the morning went on, Matthew seemed to have a lot of interest in the streamer rig, so I rigged up a bugger on a sinking line and he was a natural...He crushed them using that technique as well! Finally we moved into some more traditional nymphing and again... He tore em' up! We couldn't have asked for a better morning on the river...

The Snowden's

Last Monday I took an old friend Robert Snowden,and his dad,Bayard Snowden fishing. On Tuesday their buddy Trip Farnsworth joined us. We had awesome day of fishing on Monday. Some of the best fishing I've seen in a while. It was magical. We fished for a half day and probably caught 50 or so fish. On Monday afternoon, some pretty heavy storms blew in and the river was awful dingy for Tuesday. Tuesday was still good fishing with probably 35 fish boated. It was a great time getting to reconnect with Robert and catch up. It's always fun to get out on the river and beat up on some fish with old friends.