Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Scott and Bill

Last week I got the chance to fish with a father and Son combo. Scott and Bill. Bill the pops came all the way down from Maryland. I would say we made it worth his trip. The fishing was pretty awesome. Not another soul on the water, cloudy skies and loads of awesome fish!

Carl and Steve!

Not only did Carl and Steve put a smackin on the white bass, we also decided to do a little trout fishing while the boys where here...The water was running high and it certainly had its challenges but the boys dug in and laid it to them! we caught bunches of good bows, some good browns and even this beautiful little brookie!

Friday, April 19, 2013


I got the chance to fish with my buddy Steve and his pal Carl for a couple of days. We mixed it up and went white bass fishing one morning. I will have some more blog posts on these boys to come soon but just wanted to give you a quick post for some Friday morning fish porn! We saw only two other humans at the boat ramp at the end of the day. We saw multiple eagles and osprey's. and We probably caught 66 fish in a few shorts houses. It was AWESOME!


Last weekend I guided my guys Ryan and Bear Paw Bill. The water was high and the sun was shining but the boys didn't let the conditions slow them downs. They put a hurting on some great fish! Here are a couple of the fish the boys worked for!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

A beautiful Saturday afternoon

Yesterday  I took my man Mason and his wife Lena out to one of the pretties places around. We hung out below huge rock wall and fished a river that very few people have any clue exists. I cant tell you the location of it but I can tell you right now its full of white bass and Mason and Lena put a pretty good thumping on them. We brought Mason's boom box for some tunes and enjoyed the 65 degree weather and got out tug on! Man I love the Ozarks!


Last week I got the chance to go out with my buddies Tony and Kim. It was a beautiful day with caddis and March Browns coming off. We spent most of the morning goofing around crossing eye's with dry fly's. I had just gotten some new goodies from Loon and was eager to bust out the 4wt and some spot light caddis. We didn't smack anything big but it was sure fun watching those trout come on up to the surface and eat!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


Last week this guy was swimming around on the surface eating midges and caddis...I had to pick on him!

Jack and Chris and a beautiful rainy day!

Last Friday I fished with Jack and Chris. Jack is Chris father in law and they made for a great team. It rained pretty much all day long but it didn't slow this duo down. We nymphed all day with some amazing action. We did hook into some solid browns, and a few piggy bows. One of the best parts about the day was that we didn't see another human being all day long~!

My man The DOC!

Fishing has been great lately. We have had some great days of streamer fishing as well as some amazing caddis hatches and March Browns. For me it seems that olive anything is turning fish on right now, or green. Ive been finding the most successful days have been revolved around green family flies!~

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ron and Veronica

Yesterday I got the chance to fish with an incredible couple from east TN. Ron and Veronica. I have fished their son Greg several times but this was my first time to fish with Ron and Veronica. It was a brutally cold, drizzly, windy spring day but they came to fish so we dug our heels in and did some fishing! The day had it challenges for sure, the 35 degree temp swing and the front certainly had the fish acting a little funny. We worked hard for our fish and ended up piecing together a pretty incredible day of fishing with some great numbers in the morning and some solid fish in the afternoon!

Monday, April 1, 2013

I Love Spring!

Last week Tony, Kristopher and myself got the chance to slip out for a few hours and enjoy some amazing spring weather. The trout were doing trout like stuff and eating caddis and march browns. The sun was shining and it was all around just an amazing day. We picked on a gooberous amount of fish but most of them were just cookie cutters. This one happened to be just a notch about the rest and figured I would share the photo!


Last weekend I got the chance to fish with Frank and Bill. It was my first time to fish with Frank. The guys showed up and about the time we got ready to put the boat in the bottom fell out, along with several crazy bursts of lightening.  We stuck it out in the parking lot and waited for it to pass. Once we got in the water the boys crushed it. The fish were gobbling caddis emergers. Frank ended up bring these two beauties to the boat for the fish of the day!

Fishy Little Fellow

I am a bit behind on my blog, So bear with me folks. Last we I took young Jacob out. I am telling you right now I guide many adults who do not grasp it as well as Jacob did in a half day for his first time holding a rod. I had it fishing two flies, plus split shot and a 10 foot leader. It tangled literally once. He caught something like 19 fish. It was brutally cold but it did not slow him down! Big thanks to mom ( Donna) for being so awesome and taking her son fly fishing!