Thursday, November 28, 2013

Norfork Floatin

Last week I got the chance to run up to the Norfork and take advantage of the min. flow. I took a great JRFFA client and Supporter of the Little Red River with me, Allen Gordon. We smacked on them. It was a cold, gloomy day but the fishing was awesome. Here are a few pics from the day of a few of the fish Allen sore mouthed!

Steve Meador

I got the chance to fish with my man Steve Meador Last week.  We got schnuckered one day but the SWPA on water and then the next we did a little wade fishing and some low slow deep water nymphing. We managed to catch some great fish over the two days and I will get a few more pics up soon but these will hopefully hold you over until then!

Tagged Browns

The Arkansas Game and Fish is doing  a brown trout study on the Little Red. They have Tagged some fish up near Beach Island and Rainbow Island. If you catch a fish with the tag in it. Please leave the tag in it and write down the number off of it along with a length and girth measurement and the location you caught the fish and call it in to AGFC. Happy Fishing!

Lets get this party started

So As most of you know its a crazy time for me here in the Ozarks. I have been on the daily grind and have not been able to keep up with the blog. I have had some great days on the water. Its been another low water year which has made the fishing hard and the weather has been cold but we are getting the job done! Here are a few pics from a trip I took with my man John Jares. He worked really hard for these fish but his hard work was well worth it!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Behind The Scenes!

My friends over at Loon Outdoors have this sick video they are pushing! YOU guys really need to get behind this brand. They are crushing it right now and their products will blow you away!
This video is hot off the press and it actually isnt really even being released until tomorrow so check out this sneak peek!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roland Lee

A great loyal supporter of JRFFA came over for the day to fish with me last week. With the low water we have been kind of limited as to mobility but we have found a few key places that are holding some great staging fish! Roland and I took advantage of this and picked off a few solid browns!

Father and Son!

Last week I took a Father and Son out for a little fishing adventure. We spent one day on the river and one day on the lake. Both days were pretty awesome. Lots of fish to the boat and some great memories made for this father and son duo. Russ came down from Maryland to meet his dad who came from Texas! All around a great couple of days on the water!

The Mahoney's

Last weekend I guided Ryan and Bill Mahoney. These guys have become regulars who fish with me and we always have a great time. Bill comes down all the way from Maine! Ryan lives in Little Rock. Last weekend the water was low and the fish had to be worked for. We ended up catching some great fish drifting in the deeper water!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Tobb and Caleb.

Last week a good client of JRFFA came to fish a group trip with Jamie and I. I had Tobb and his son Caleb. We decided to fish the upper river and it fished pretty well. We had to work hard for our fish but we managed to get quite a few nice ones. The browns are really starting to move around and are hungry trying to get fat before they go into spawn mode. Its a great time to take advantage of this bite! I am booked solid through november and into december but we still have some great dates open with our buddy Herb from Colorado who is back again this year dominating!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

My buddy Eric

Eric is one of my oldest pals. I known the guy forever and he has been through thick and thin with me. Last week we got the chance to spend some time on the water together and it was awesome. Eric put the hurt on a bunch of trout, we listened to some tunes, and soaked up the sun. Talked about old times and times to come. Here is a photo of a sweet brown he caught on a bright and sunny day!

Richard's the man.

Richard has become a great client of mine. He is 86 years old  Osage. He is an incredible man and a great angler. I certainly hope that when I am 86 I am still out enjoying the water like he is...I have him and his pal standing bear next week so hopefully ill be posting some more pics then!

HEster TIMe

Recently I got to fish with a great client of ours Bob Hester. We fished a half a day in the morning and had a solid bite. We fished some simple rigs thats the fish really seemed to dig. Here are a few photos of Bob and his buddy!

Hallie's First Brown

So you guys have all seen plenty of pics of my man Nate. He always has a big ole brown on the blog! Anyways I got the chance to take him and his wife Hallie out. It was my first time to fish with Hallie. She of course caught the first brown of the trip and her first brown ever so we decided to document it!

MOre of the Dr!

Its time for a few blog posts...Arkansas fishing is getting pretty good folks...The fish are starting to get into a more fall bite pattern. The morning has been stronger than the afternoons for sure but nothing has been bad. Here are a few pics with my man Dr. Usdan! Some great fish!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Greers Ferry Sunsets

Over the weekend We took out the guys from Fayettchill Clothing Company out for some trout fishing as well as some spent a little time chasing the elusive hybrid on Greers Ferry. I cant let you have any more details than that right now...but here are a couple of photos from the sweet sunset!

Lachapelle Family Time

Last week I took my man Norm out for a morning of fishing. Then in the afternoon we went and picked up his lovely wife and his little man. We went for a boat ride, let little Owen net some fish and just enjoy a great day on the water. Certainly an beautiful early fall day day!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Doctor, Doctor!

The fishing in Arkansas has been good. It was a pretty great summer. No droughts or fish kills, not to hot. It was all right. Its starting to come to a close and fall is creeping in. Hybrids are starting to think about doing there thing on the lake and browns will be moving in full force soon. Last Monday and Tuesday I slipped up to the Norfork with my man Dr. Usdan. I have more pics to come but these are just a few of the trout Dr. caught. I am holding a few of them but he is the one who caught them!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roger Cole

Labor day is always filled with Coles...Lots of them. My man Roger always gets me for the weekend, its become a serious tradition. Roger invites up his whole crew, they cook lots and lots of food and we catch fish. This year saturday was incredible. We crushed fish all day long. Nothing big but plenty of them. Sunday was good but we certainly had to work a little harder for them. Roger was rewarded with   thumper of a brown!

Buddy and Pam!

So the summer is starting to wind down and I have been pretty dang forgive me for not blogging. The river has been fishing well and we have been catching plenty of fish! The water flow has been rather nice when some nicer squirts of water in the evenings. Here are a few photos of some of my good clients Buddy and Pam with a few nice fish they caught!