Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Terry Sellers

Yesterday Jamie and I ran a group trip with some boys and I had Terry from Texas and Jamie from Virgina in my boat. The water was big but we managed to be the only ones out there and we caught loads of fish. They were active and feeding strong! The advantage of guiding in the big was is no one really else is out there so we had the river to ourselves. We landed several nice fish including an 18 inch rainbow and this nice brown. Jamie had a nice brown on too but he broke him off at the boat! I don't think it could have been a better day of high water fishing!


On Sunday Tony and I took my man John Maiden and his family out for a little smallie extravaganza. Tony took Wiley and Nancy and I took John and Will. It was a nice break from the big water that was rushing down the river at home. The creek was amazingly beautiful and we had a great time. The smallies weren't really chasing bait or being very active but we did manage to bust a few nice fish as well as bend the 3 weights on a bunch of perch!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ray, and Jr.

Today Jamie and I ran a group trip with some boy that fish with us several times a year. Jamie had Steve and Tobe and I took Ray and Ray Jr. Fishing was hot almost all day. Our morning was full of fish. We still had a good bit of water in the river but the fish stayed pretty responsive all day. Numbers in the morning and size in the afternoon. It really doesn't get much better than that! Here are a few of the slabs the boys landed on their adventure today!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tommy Time

Yesterday Evening I guided a new client Tom. Tom and I set out around 3pm to fish the evening bite...It was freaking great! We didn't have to deal with any other boats and had great water. The temp had cooled off some and the fish were hungry! Tom landed lots of nice fish in the 15-16 inch mark but the icing on the cake was this pig of a rainbow! In fact the bite was so good we decided to try them again this evening! The bar was set pretty high but stay tuned for a report to come soon about tonight's adventure!

Eddie and Allen

Sunday I took out my boys Eddie and Allen for a little float trip. The bite was good in the a.m. but not great. As the day progressed the quality of fish just kept getting better and better as did the numbers. In fact our peak bite seemed to be at 3p.m.! Caddis and BWO's seemed to be the ticket with some from of an attractor on the rig as well. It was certainly an awesome day to be on the water!

Hot Bite

The past week the bite has been HOT on the Little Red. Flows have remained in such a manner that we have falling water/low water window up and down the river is you are willing to chase it. I have guided several trips with extremely high numbers boated each day. We have been catching lots of fish on BWO, usually the smaller the fly the better. If you are able to get out in the mornings or late evenings the streamer bite has been strong as well.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


This was a cool Photo Of a nice rainbow my man Roger caught on a size 18 PMD emerger. Mayflies have been all over the river in the mornings and the evening. Several varieties so the Emergers have been deadly all day. BWO have been extremely thick in a few areas of the river. The fish have been on an emerger feeding frenzy as of late so don't get bummed if they are not taking the adults chances are they are dialed in just below the surface!

Roger Time

Thursday I got to fish with my man Roger. We started off with a goal of trying to put roger in the 20/20 club. A 20 inch fish on a 20 inch midge. We worked hard at it and Roger did great, We landed some nice fish, some solid 16 and 17 inch fish but just couldn't seem to get that 20 incher toad to eat. After lunch Roger hooked a monster a solid 6 pound rainbow on a 4wt! We lost the fish at the boat but it certainly got us excited! After that I decided to take Roger up to a drop off and teach him a few new tricks. It turned out to be an awesome day on the Little Red!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The past two days Ive had the pleasure of Fishing with Henry and Ryan Voorhies from Shreveport. It was an awesome trip. We caught tons of fish yesterday and happened to get into a sneaky little hatch and crossed eyes on dry fly's. It was great Jamie and I were the only boat around and just picked on em! This morning they wanted to try and get a big tug son we went and picked on some hefty bows. They caught 5 fish around 18 inches and one 20. It was an awesome time getting to know the Voorhies and picking on some sweet trout!!Life is good on the The Little Red River!

Friday, June 10, 2011

My Main Man, My Dad!

So it usually doesn't work out to often that I get to spend a little time with my Dad on the water anymore since I am usually booked on the weekends but this weekend due to a cancellation it happened. I had Dad meet me at the ramp with his dog Madison. I wanted to slip him into a sneaky little spot first and he pegged this fatty rainbow. We fished our way through a few more spots and decided to pick up the meat sticks and search for a pig. I pegged a decent fish but Dad certainly took home the cake with this monster brownie...It sure is nice to get to take the man fishing who spent countless hours taking me fishing and untangling my knots as a kid. Thanks Dad!

A morning for Amy

This morning the sun was shinning and Amy wanted to get some sun, so what better place than the river! We did some lazy drifting and caught a few fish under an anchor and just enjoyed the morning listing to some tunes. There is something about banjo's and trout that just go so well together!

An Evening Tug!

Yesterday Evening Papa Rouse and I went out for a little evening fishing. It was a great evening, we had some big tugs on streamers and Rouse crossed and eye or two on drys. After several good misses I finally landed this toad right before dark. We certainly didn't catch a ton of fish, but it was certainly an awesome experience to float around and enjoy an evening on the river!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Periodic Cicada Bite Is ON!!!

So my boy Dave and I wanted to go throw some monster foam flies at some trout up on the Norfork. They had one generator running and 6 flood gates partially cracked. Nothing else describes this experience except for AMAZING. We crushed up. Probably caught close to 50 fish on big foam flies and almost all of them were browns and cutties. It doesn't get any better than this folks. The nicest fish caught was a two foot cuttie that Dave caught but we didn't get a picture. The bite should last for another week or so up there, and I'm starting to here some reports of people hearing a few buzzing around in this neck of the woods. It was certainly a day on the water I will never forget!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Saturday I got to fish my good buddy Logan's son John. I took John out a couple of years ago and fished the Little Red, but Saturday Logan wanted it to be all about John so we went to Dry Run Creek. The fishing was awesome. I was extremely fired up to hear the sound of the cicadas all over. Fish were gobbling big ugly foam flies all day. When I saw John hooked up with probably 10 fish over 22 inches I am not kidding. It was unreal...It was certainly one of the coolest things Ive been a part of watching these fish gorge...Life is good!!

Gary and Don

On Friday I fished with Gary and Don, These guys fished with me last year about this time and had a stellar day... The guys caught well over a hundred fish last year so my bar was set pretty high. Well the River gods smiled on us and we hit our mark again. Mostly cookie cutter rainbows but the pattern seemed to be a little larger than average after lunch. Gary hooked up with a two footer after lunch and got a good battle out of him but the fish managed to get off on his last run! Even we didn't catch the big one it was still a remarkable day on the Little Red River!

The Presley's

Last week I got the opportunity to fish with the preacher that married my sister, and his son. The water flow was a little lower than it had been and was gin clear. Fishing was awesome. The guys probably caught close to 50 fish by the time the morning was over including several nice browns around 16 inches and loads of feisty rainbows. I didn't get a picture of Curt because he has a small case of the butter fingers but Jr. and I did manage to get this picture of his nice brownie!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a little Fishing report

Ok everybody so here's the deal. Ive been on the river guiding the past few day and haven't had a chance to to a daily report for some of my trips yet but I wanted to start mixing it up a bit. The flows on the Little Red have not been all bad, The cfs flows have not matched what the projected schedule says. Its been a little all over the board but we have been smacking fish on streamers and nymph rigs. Nymph rigs have been showing us several browns every day as well. The Corps is telling us that as soon as they get Norfork's Generators back on line our flows will decrease even more. That was said to happen as early as the first week of June...All that being said June is looking like a solid month for us...We still have a few great spots open but they are going quickly. I am starting to pick off a few fish on foam flies in a few sneaky spots even in the biggest of flows. If your coming over to fish this month and are not fishing with a guide. Do remember the water is liable to change very quickly as how we are still over power pool the schedule is not to be trusted. I would suggest having one person fish and one person control the boat...Don't forget you San Juan's in various colors. Worm browns and Natural colors work great in the clear water...Ive got a few Dry Run Creek trips in lately and have one coming up this weekend. If your wanting to get your kid into fishing...this is the spot to get them hooked. Good luck and good fishing folks!