Friday, September 30, 2011

Dean and Tony

Today I took out Dean and Tony Ro

se. Dean is a pretty avid angler who has fished with me before, his dad is Tony. Today was Tony's first time fly fishing! It was windy as all get out and that made it more than a challange for any angler. The boys got locked in and hammered tons of trout. I would guess we probably caught 75 or more fish. The fish of the day was caught by Tony, it was the sassy rainbow!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

steve strikes again!

Last spring Steve came to fish with me and wanted to learn how to improve his wade fishing game. When he got here they turned on 2 gens and didnt turn them off until he was gone! This time the water was low and perfect! We waded all day long and fished several differnt styles of rigs and steve crushed them! His

cast improved by 20 feet and he was just flat out deadly! It was the first day of the season Ive had my waders on and a jacket! Steve busted the chops on this brown to be the fish of the day for him!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

My Man Russell

Yesterday I took Russell up to Dry Run Creek. Russel is in the fourth grade and it was his first time to hold a fly rod, let me tell you what, the kid is fishy! He caught on quick and was roll casting like a champ. We caught mostly browns but he also caught some awesome cutties, including a few on hoppers, as well as some nice rainbows! I am telling you folks this place is super magical and if you want to get your kid hooked on fishing this is the place to do it!

Clint and Woody

I fished my buddies Clint and Woody Last week. Fishing was awesome and the weather was even better! The guys kept score and I think the final tally came to 84 fish caught and released from about 8am 3pm. It was just silly! Clint landed this nice 17incher towards the end of the day! Its always fun fishing with these guys because they just rib on each other the entire time! Life is good on the Little Red River!

Angry Hybrids

The Hybrids on Greers ferry have been just pigging out on shad on the surface. Massive schools of fish have been staying up for extended periods of time all over the place. The weather has been great for surface feeding with lots more time of low light. We have been having some days catching close to 40 fish! It should only get better over the next few weeks so get here while you can!

Thumper Rainbow!

Man, the last week has been awesome in the Ozarks. I have seen some sassy rainbows, colorful cutties, big browns, and some angry Hybrids. I fished a group trip with Jamie, We fished some really cool water that was a bit low and technical. This was Brian's first time fly fishing and he landed this thumper rainbow!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mike and Bill

So my man Mike Bowen calls me and wants to bring his friend Bill up for a little fly fishing adventure, Turns out a series of unfortunate events crossed Bill's path and he was suppose to be half way to Colorado on an elk hunt. So I did the best I could and gave him the second best thing which was an awesome evening on the Little Red River. Mike and Bill go back along time so they ribbed on each other all evening. It was great watching the guys cross the eyes of some sassy rainbows! It really just doesnt get much better than that. Life is good folks!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OH Suzie B!

So I am totally a believer of the fact that everything happens for a reason, On Friday night my wife waited on a couple that she totally connected with, It just so happened they wanted to start fly fishing. So Yesterday Evening I got to spend on the river with two great people, Suzie and Mike Bowen. Mike played camera man and just soaked in the beauty of the river and Suzie Learned to Fly Fish. She caught on quick and quickly fell in love with it, She caught quite a few nice rainbows, The picture shown is one of my favorites! At the end of the evening the sun was setting and Mike literally had to pry the rod from her hands! It was a great time to be had on the Little Red catching some great fish on the fly and sharing some great company!

The Holidays!

So Its been a super busy weekend on the Little Red River, Everyone is trying to squeeze out their last vacations before the swing of fall gets going. My Labor day guiding always involves my long time family friend Roger Cole and his family. Its a huge weekend for their crew and they throw down, cooking hunrdres of pounds of food and getting down truly southern style. I posted a picture previously of Jarred's big rainbow, but here are a few other shots that came from the Cole extravaganza! Several of these shot were taken by Shane Bevel of
Actually all of them are except the one of "Marsh" Ive got some more pics comming soon that have been taken on other folks camera's stay tuned to the updates!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hog of the Day

Today was part one of the annual Cole-A-Thon. I took out several anglers which I will post more about later, I just wanted to get this picture of this thumper that Jarred caught today! It was Jarred's first time to hold a fly rod and he crushed it on this fish! It took him straight to the reel, it was an awesome way to end an awesome day!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Fun with foam

Today I took out a good client of mine, Norm Lachapelle and his buddy Andy. Fishing was on fire this morning. The boys crushed it hard on the nymph bite. As the holliday crowds thickened we decided to try and sneak away and got into some nicer fish, my man Norm ended up throwing some foam for a bit and had this awesome brown eat to make the day complete!


Last week the Hybrid bite really started to turn on. I've had some good days in the evenings and the mornings. Jamie and I went out early one morning and just clobber-dogged them. Acres of busting fish and at times

we caught them one after another. These fish pull so hard its incredible. Nothing like having a fish smash a fly on the surface over and over again! It will only get better as the month goes on so get at me for the hook up!