Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nate strikes again

This Monday I took my guy Nate out for some streamer jerkin. We had great cloud cover and decent water flow. It had the potential to get crazy. We certainly worked hard for some really awesome fish. We got wet, we got wind blown and we got rewarded. Its usually that way. The nastiest days can produce some of the greatest fish! Here are a few of the fantastic fish Nate was able to hook up with!

Ohio Boys

Last weekend I worked a group trip with Jamie for a couple of days and one day with Tony. We took a great group of fishy guys from Ohio who are streamer junkies. We had crap conditions for chucking meat but the guys stayed true to their guns the first two days and managed to scrap out a few nice browns. On the third day we decided to go ahead and bend some rods and got down to business doing some nymphing. They smoked them. We caught gobs of super awesome rainbows in the 15-18 inch range as well as a few nice browns. Over the course of the three days we ended up putting lots of really quality fish in the boat. These are just a few pics that I got on my camera, Enjoy!

Thursday, February 14, 2013


The Last day of our trip with the St. Louis crew magical things happened. We had already had a pretty stellar trip catching lots of quality fish like you say in the previous posts. Jamie Started off the trip with a bang guiding Ryan into a 34 in that point no one thought the day could get any cooler. I mean after all Ryan had just touched a 20+ pound fish...Well a couple of hours later Ryan Landed another 10 pound fish and my boy stone landed a 20 pounder...Days like that just don't happen. It was almost like a fairy tale...It was certainly a day that I will never forget as I imagine these boys will not either!
check out the JRFFA blog the guide shack for some other awesome photos of the day.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some solid fish..and good times

So for the past few days the JRFFA CREW spent working the white with our annual St. Louis boys fishing. We had some great days, and we had some good days. The first batch of pics I am going to post are just a few of the good fish that we took in my boat from streamers and small shad flies...lots more amazing fish were caught with Jamie and Tony as well but these will get the photo essay kicked off....

Monday, February 11, 2013

My man Maiden

Last week my man John Maiden also came up to the White to join us for some fishing. The water on Bull Shoals was pretty much off all day long but we did end up getting a squirt around 3:30pm that gave us a decent little push and stirred up some nice fish. John crushed them. He and Robert no lie probably caught over a 120 rainbows. Easy...Plus John seemed to have the hand for picking off some sweet browns!

Whit's fine fish

Last week a good client of JRFFA's Robert Farnsworth aka the farns brought a few of his clients up for a few days to fish the White River with us. We were hoping for loads of generation and a shad kill but things didn't turn out the way as planned on the first day I guided Whit Lucan. Whit has fished with JRFFA many times but it was our first trip out together. We stayed true to chucking streamers most of the day and we caught some nice rainbows and a couple really great browns. The Rain was pretty relentless in the a.m. and that was certainly our best bite. Here are a few of the fish Whit landed that day...

Winter Time Lovin

So we have had a pretty incredible start to 2013 already. Lots of trips and lots of quality fish as well as some simply amazing fish...Last weekend I started off a string of trips fishing two days on the Little Red with the flood gates open. We had a pretty remarkable day and caught loads of fish but the big boys managed to Elude us. We landed lots of browns just most of them were in the 15-17 inch range like this one. The guys had a great trip jerking fish in one after another though and good times were had by all!