Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Norm day 2

Yesterday it was way colder than the day before but Norm and I decided to go after them anyways! we headed out mid morning trying to reach for some temps that were tolerable. We had high sun and far less fish activity today but we still managed to land a MONSTER!

Norm- day 1

Two days ago Norm and I had the river to ourselves. We saw a couple of wade fisherman by the boat ramp but we literally didn't see another angler after that. We just thought it was cold...cold was still yet to come. It was drizzly and wet and perfect for fishing. Norm landed several super nice browns and one stud rainbow!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Frank and Herman Crushin It.

Well the past few weeks I have seen some great fish, Yesterday some more of the fish I have been seeing floating around higher in the water column finally started to eat. Its Been windy as hell the past two days. Herman and Frank casted wonderful in the wind and didn't get frustrated. They bared with me as I was blown around like I had a sail on my boat! Here are a few of the fish we were blessed to catch!

My Dad

Just in case you guys didn't know, my dad is the man. We don't get to fish together nearly as much as I would like but I was surprised with a cool treat on monday. I was out guiding when I came around a corner to see my dad out fishing. He was cool enough to share his spot and I shared some nuts and an apple. Then he totally guided my clients into some fish! Was spotting them and helping them cast to them! It was really cool. Anyways I snapped this quick photo. Its not the biggest fish he caught all weekend I can assure you, but it was one of the ones I was around for! I Love You Pops! thanks for being so awesome!~

Doc Portera and my man Willie!

Well the Portera's came back for the annual fall classic fishing day. Its been really neat watching Will grow into a pretty good angler and a young man over the years. This was the first year he held his own with pops, well actually passed pops in the big fish show. Both guys did awesome and we caught lots of fish. These two just happened to be nicer than the rest!

A little Half day fun

Last week I got to fish some some great guys who had known each other for years. They had both moved away and grown families and got together for a little fly fishing. It was a pretty neat experience getting to hang with the guys and hear all about their lives. We caught lots of fish including these nice to bows

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Little Rainy Day Lovin

Yesterday I got the chance to fish with the good Dr. Albright and his resident Adam. It was a cool, cloudy, rainy morning on the Little Red. Those type of days are the best for catching browns. People always say they want to catch the browns but these are the days when its done. We fished for a half of day and they landed a handful of rainbows each as well as a nice brown or two!