Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Not too long ago, I took a good friend of a friend and his three boys fishing. Logan and his son John were in my boat. It was a group trip with Jamie and it was just a beautiful day. We started out having a little casting school and competition before the day got started. John who is 8 years old had never fly fished. The water was high so we had several challenges to face. John made a few casts and caught the first couple of fish and was loving it. After a while the bite slowed down and he said he wanted to change his fly. He wanted to choose it, so I let him pick. A few casts later he said, " I wonder who is going to catch the next fish" and BAM, he starts getting excited. I look over and his 5wt rod is bowed in half. I see this monster 22 inch brown come to the surface! He landed this fish in about 1 minute flat and he ate the fly he picked out! It was awesome. We saw eagles and took a long lunch. The boys and their dad got to bond. It was an awesome experience getting to see this magic take place!

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