Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Riveria Crew

Last Saturday I took a few guys trout fishing for their first time. I fished with Gaston, Will, and Jace. They were all fired up about it. Since no one had ever done any fly fishing we got out in the grass at the ramp and did a small series of casting lessons and got familiar with the rod before hitting the water. Once the guys got out there it took a few minutes to get all of the kinks worked out, but eventually everybody got the hang of it and probably picked up close to 20 fish each!. Another great day of fishing on the LRR!

1 comment:

  1. Matt, we had a blast, thanks again for your guidance. We would have been a bigger clown show than we already were without you. We will definitely come back soon to catch many more... Panic rocked, albeit without Houser. For the record, my fish is muuuuch bigger than Will's. Rock n Roll.... Gaston.