Monday, July 12, 2010

The Joe Lai Group

Last Friday and Saturday Jamie and I did a group trip.. They're group of Dentists we take fishing every year from Tulsa. Last year we had one of the most remarkable streamer days I have ever had on the river. It was unreal. This year wasn't a repeat but you can't say it wasn't for lack of trying. We put the heat on them but they just didn't act right. Saturday we decided to just go out and have some fun and bend some rods.. and Bend some rods we did... until about 2 p.m. We had a great bite, then a front moved in and shut our fish off. We ran back up river and finally found some fish that wanted to act right for the last hour or so of the day... All in all it was a great trip on the River even if the big browns didn't act right. The boys still left having caught some fat, fat, rainbows!

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