Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Wheat's

Today I took Jason and his dad, Wendell. Jason's wife Emily came along for the ride. It was the guys first time to ever hold a fly rod. We had extremely low water and lots of wind! The guys took a few minutes to get into the groove but once they did, it was good. Our morning was action packed. Lots of willing rainbows. At lunch, I spotted a pair of big browns! Jason made cast after cast for them. Eventually, he hooked one of them! The fish made a big run,jumped, and he snapped the line! It was way cool. As each day goes on I'm seeing more and more big fish starting to move around and I'm getting excited!


  1. Nothing beats a PIG brown. They always get my heart pumping too!

    The Average Joe Fisherma

  2. The one that got away... Tell me about it. I get excited when the big fish are moving up as well.

  3. well done! looking forward to a pic of one of those big brownies!!