Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Fun

One of the most amazing things about trout fishing in the Ozarks is that we have true year round fisheries. Guiding slows down a bit but the bite certainly doesn't. The past week I have gotten to fish several days alone and got in some good aqua therapy. Today I took the opportunity to fish for awhile with my dad and an old family friend, Bill. Fishing was good and we caught lots of fish...My dad spotted this hog and being the great guy that he is, called me down river to catch it! I hooked her on a size 20 midge with my favorite 4wt...what an awesome day...27 inches of pure love! Life is good!

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  1. Matt,

    Sick fish dude. Hope all is well. Blogging again and going to stick to it. Add me back in your loop. Take care Matt and Happy New Year