Thursday, March 10, 2011


Yesterday I took out my good buddy Robert. We had everything stacked against us... a muddy river, 20 mph winds, cold, falling pressure, and extremely low water. You name it, we had it...It didn't stop us though! The only clean water was way up river so we headed that direction. It was a little stained but we dug our heels in and busted heads. Farnworth put the hurt on them and probably touched 30 fish before lunch and probably let 30 go. After lunch decided to boat up and drift a little. The wind was awful and the bite wasn't nearly as good. Robert landed at least six fish between 16-19 inches. He had a few nicer than this one, but I couldnt hardly take my hands off the oars for pics or we would have blown into the bank. It was awesome just to be out on the water and see some solid fish! Spring is creeping up on us and I'm fired up about it!

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