Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

So this morning I had the pleasure of taking my Mom and long time family friend Laura, out for a morning of fishing. The thunderstorms tried to keep us from getting a bent rod, but they pushed on through. The water was stained and cloudy but the fish sure didn't seem to care. It was nuts on the Little Red this morning! The girls were catching trout left and right, with several doubles before 10 am. By noon when we decided to call it a day we had probably had boated 60 or more fish! I don't get to fish with my Mom all that much because she usually only makes it up on the weekends when I'm booked but it sure was nice to see her banging trout and smiling all morning. Happy Mothers Day MOM and LAURA!


  1. You're the bomb! Had a great time. I caught 35 fish. Bye,bye to reading novels on the boat from now on! Laura