Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Feeding Fish Foam

So ya'll its official. Its hopper season here in the ozarks. We got green ones, tan ones, yellow ones, brown ones, we got em in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Hopper fishing can be super exciting and action packed on the Little Red. Our fish seem to respond best to these foamy fun flies in the lower flows but not dead low water. Fishing the flies close to the bank along grassy banks. Ive found if I can fish them in a medium to low flow, tight on the bank, with a gravel river bottom my succes rate is higher. I usually dont fish a dropper unless its another dry. They can certainly be a little difficult to cast so down be afraid to shorten your leader a shade. If your experiencing leader twists maybe consider dropping from your normal 5x down to 3 or 4x. These little fellows should be around the river until we get out first few frosts in october so take andvantage of it while you can and feed a fish some foam!

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