Sunday, October 2, 2011

Talk of the Town

So as of late it seems all I have heard about is the new Sage "One" fly rod. I have heard reviews that it is such an amazing casting machine that it will melt your face off, That this rod is the most accurate, sensitive rod ever built. I must admit Ive been dying to cast the "one". Well today I got the chance to fish with one of these rods for a while, Dont get me wrong its a super slick rod that tracks very well. Its not much of a looker but does the job very well, but...I hate to tell you folks side by side fishing the 9 foot 4wt Helios, next to the "One" I would have to say The Helios is a much smoother, sexier, sleeker, all around better casting machine. So dont let all the new hype and ads fool you folks. If you want to get down on a new rod, I would choose the Helios any day of the week.

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