Sunday, July 15, 2012

Swan and G-Money

Friday and Saturday I fished on the White and Norfork with a couple of fellows we shall just refer to as Swan and G-Money...We had a blast!  Friday we didn't do anything but fish dry fly's...We had an absolutely crazy number of fish eat and landed some great ones as well...and of course as any good fishing story goes...the best ones got away...Saturday we mixed it up a little...Yes, we did fish some indicator rigs just to bang out some numbers...We fished some hoppers, and waxed some great ones. For the grand finale once the river became empty and the clouds rolled in, we started ripping streamers...The action was epic. I mean every cast we had an eat or a chase. It was mind blowing. The boys ended up having an all around stellar weekend! Here are just a few pictures that made up this awesome trip!

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