Friday, August 17, 2012

Journey West Part II

So As you all read from the last post I wanted to break the trip up a little bit for you guys. It would be way to much information for just one post. We spend most of our time on the San Juan drifting or sliding anchors out on top of fish who were actively feeding. The first day full day of floating we really wanted to either chuck streamers or toss dry flies...The Juan is different in the fact that those fish really have a hard time eating any thing other than size 24 midges, not because they don't want to but because they don't know how! Anyways with some persistence we forced some fish to eat our big streamers and nasty dries...Here are just a couple of shot's of a few of the San Juan's browns. As many of the locals told us, "they aren't nearly as nice as yall's browns but they sure do pull hard"

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