Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Its getting to be that time of year....

Fall is approaching fast, I still have maybe 8 or 10 days available in oct and nov. But they are going fast. Its my favorite time of year. I love the color changes, I love the Blue Winged Olives, I love the tug of the big browns, I love watching the eagles, I love chasing the hybrids on Greers Ferry. I think this is going to be a cold winter, so fall fishing may be the ticket. If you want to have the trip of your lifetime I wouldn't wait any longer to book it. email me at millnermatt@gmail.com or kati and ask for my schedule at kati@jamierouse.net Looking forward to getting you guys on the water!!
 p.s. just a little preview of whats to come. fished on sunday with my buddy hays and these are a few of the fish we landed while goofing around!

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