Sunday, January 24, 2010

A-team Adventures!

Last weekend Jamie and I had a group trip from St. Louis. We had these guys for 3 days. In addition, we had a full two units of water running all 3 days! The only advantage we had was that these guys are all awesome fisherman. They wanted to chuck big bugs on sinking lines in search of a hog. We fished them hard for two days and we didn't bring too many big fish to the boat. We did manage several rainbows and some cookie cutter browns. On the third day, my two guys decided they would like to leave the Little Red with at least some memories of rod bending so we rigged up the nymph rigs and tore them up! We consistently caught fish all day. We took one break from nymphing right before lunch and caught a 20 inch chain pickerel. We decided that was our omen to go back to nymphs. All in all, the guys had a great time and ended up boating alot of fish. They are coming back in mid February to try it again!

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  1. Ryan where is your pic. I guess you are not part of the A-TEAM Adventures. Oh i forgot they dont post pics of the C-Team!!!!